PB July 2012

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Architects and designers present their best design ideas for jump-starting home building

Leading demographers say a major shift is occurring in the U.S. population, and home builders should take note.

Longtime marketer and home-building industry consultant John Martin has seen many housing cycles: good community development and design innovation, he says, have always been the path back. Can design innovation do it again?

A survey of more than 20,000 recent home shoppers offers some surprising insights into the psyche of the modern-day buyer.

Psychographic market research expert Brooke Warrick identifies the values, beliefs, and tendencies of four prominent buyer groups.

Professional Builder’s House Review collaborative presents five design solutions that can help production home builders sell more homes in the recovering market.

The recovering housing market has left many builders short-staffed, and field quality is suffering. Here are 10 best practices for improving field quality.

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