PB June 2004

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Strong partnerships make a lot of affordable housing happen, but some builders prefer to go it alone.

Atlanta-based Homestar Mortgage Services is luring builders with free feasibility reports.

One of the smallest rooms in the home - the powder room - packs a lot of punch these days. Why? It takes fewer extravagant finishes to make an impact in a small room than it does to decorate a huge space.

Small area helps big time with organizing the household

Site plans are as important as home plans in rural settings where communing with nature is as important as community.

No one in America knows more than Perry Bigelow, chairman of Aurora, Ill.-based Bigelow Homes, about the challenges suburban home builders face trying to use their production building know-how to help inner-city neighborhoods meet the need for affordab...

Builder George Cheshire of Spiral Development Inc. in Pasadena, Texas, can't find the skilled trades he needs to build even a conventional house.

Great Western Homes, one of the home-building pioneers of the South Phoenix, Ariz. area, and its Ridgefield community contribute to the area's changing face.

In an effort to step up its branding efforts, Diamond Built Homes LLC, in central Oregon, with the help of Ad-Web Commutations, has created what is believed to be the first talking billboard in the state.

The HBA of Northern California has come up with a great TV ad campaign to encourage homeowners to call their builder, not a lawyer, if they have a problem with their home.

Today's legal landscape for home building contributes to the crisis in affordable housing. As cities, counties and states cope with their own mounting fiscal shortfalls, the robust housing sector looks like a fruitful feeding ground for new sources of ...

Develop your own formula to add affordable housing to your offering. It’s right for the bottom line and for the satisfaction of fulfilling dreams.

Powerful forces are aligning to make urban infill housing not only a profitable niche market but one where builders and local governments are natural partners rather than adversaries.

The regulatory process is killer. Computer software, the Internet and wireless technology can help streamline the amount of hoops builders must jump through.

Looking for ways to eliminate hurdles to creating affordable housing in your market? Check out www.regbarriers.org for solutions to common code, process and regulation problems.

Perry Bigelow demonstrates how evenflow production can help bring affordablilty to a Chicago inner-city neighborhood.

Land buys should be an integral part of your five-year business plan - so lots keep coming onstream as needed for the product lines you build.

Many builders and homeowners think of bathroom fans as a necessary evil - necessary to get rid of excess moisture, especially in today's tighter homes, but evil because of their noise and look.

On the whole, the J.D. Power customer satisfaction survey has been a good thing for our industry.

As a part of what veteran Chicago-area home builder David Hill refers to as 'a project unlike any in the nation,' Hill has teamed up with Walsh Construction, Mesa Development and the Davis Group to create Park Blvd. - a unique, fast-tracked, mixed-inco...

Landscaping can have a huge effect on the energy efficiency and comfort of a home, says consultant David Johnston, president of What's Working, based in Boulder, Colo.

Many of today's consumers demand energy efficient and healthier homes.

This suburban Dallas project is a poster child for move-up specialist David Weekley's new Imagination Homes, a venture into the affordable market where the value proposition rests on limiting selections so the houses can be built very fast.

There is a better way to select salespeople and sales managers than the traditional interview.

Affordable infill housing in any city presents a political challenge before the economics can even be addressed.

In April, Georgia-Pacific Corp. announced it will no longer manufacture paper-faced exterior gypsum sheathing.

New basement-free product proves an affordable success story in this Missouri TND project.

Custom builders, regional builders and remodelers may want to consider ServiceMagic.com as a new resource for driving leads to their businesses.

Jan Mitchell documents how four empty condominiums became fully merchandised models in three days.

In late April, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld federal Clean Air Act (CAA) provisions that state and local governments cannot set emission standards for new motor vehicles, a provision which also applies to construction equipment.

Though it's not a get-rich-quick idea, it is the right thing to do. These builders use affordable housing to diversify their business.

Understanding and managing customer expectation is one of the biggest factors in buyer satisfaction.

April's statistics from Las Vegas defy description.

Some of the top builders in America spend enormous amounts of time and money to attract candidates yet fail to recognize the collateral damage created by an impersonal interview process or thoughtlessly discarding those who don't fit the position profi...

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