PB March 2001

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We all know about low-E—that’s the window glazing that helps reduce a home’s heat loss via its windows, while often also cutting the transmission of solar heat into the home.

Pulte Homes seeks brand allegiance from a most familiar group - its own satisfied buyers.

As any Internet search reveals, “virtual” anything can be found virtually everywhere. And one of the biggest markets for virtual technologies is home building.

David Hunihan and Todd Menke are two of my newest heroes. These two founders of Fidelity Homes did what it is so very hard to do—believe in an idea so passionately that they had no choice but to act on it. For these two thirty-somethings the idea that ...

When your job seems more like problem solving and fire fighting than leading and managing, it is time to use quality methods to improve the organization’s business processes.

While business-to-consumer e-commerce initiatives targeted toward home builders are still popping up so fast it’s hard to sort them out, the pace is distinctly slower on the business-to-business side.

Has the potential of Internet technology got you day dreaming? Join the club.

EVHA builder of the year Pulte Homes differentiates itself in a competitive housing market by selling lifelong value not first-time cost.

The Director of Environmental Programs for one of the pioneer builders of the green movement talks about how she got started.

Water will be at the center of development and growth battles in the years to come, and builders need to be on the right side of this war.

With his job requiring him to always being on the move, Bernie Glieberman's laptop has become more of a necessity than a convenience.

With the economy clearly on a downswing, the Bush Administration is proposing a comprehensive tax stimulus package to combat slowing economic growth and prevent a recession.

If recent trends are any indication of things to come, local planners and officials may increasingly be accountable to state and federal priorities, but actually do more of the planning work

Maybe it’s getting a little late in the year to be listing trends for 2001—and perhaps naming trends of the New Millennium is already a little blasé. Nonetheless, builders and architects are talking about what’s new —as well as what’s holding its groun...

The word has been out for years. Higher bandwidth telephone wire is a must for new homes.

Who controls the quality circle in your company?

The Braemar Group's unique new mixed-use community puts 98 single family detached homes on top of retail shops and a parking structure.

Maybe public home builders will finally get their due. The big builders have always felt under appreciated by investors and analysts, but for more than a year, it’s really been acute.

Two Floridians launch a home building company based on TQM principles, and we’re going along for the ride.

Solar power is not a phenomenon limited to the West coast. Philadelphia-based Don Bradley, president of Bradley Builders & Developers, has been building solar-powered homes since 1989.

The process of stepping into adulthood is the same for organizations as it for individuals. Beginning building firms require the most support and guidance. They lean hard on their suppliers for quality information and guidance that will enable their yo...

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Ashton Woods launched Starlight Homes to target entry-level home...

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