PB March 2005

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The vast majority of candidates change jobs for the right reasons. Rarely is it a knee-jerk decision. The first installment of Change Agents (January, 2005 PB), talked about several factors that motivate an employee to make a change. Money is one of element, but rarely is it the deciding factor. Money shouldn't be the factor, whether you are on the employer or the employee.

At first glance, it looks like a meticulously detailed 19th-century rehab. Upon closer inspection, Brian Pennings' home reveals a new custom home clad in vinyl, composites and seemingly every engineered building innovation. Only the beveled-glass mahogany front door and stone veneer of the exposed foundation is real.

The builder is New Urban Communities, a niche specialist in both density and infill. Principals Kevin Rickard and Tim Hernandez are well acquainted with both profit and peril in their specialty. Dedicated New Urbanists, they loathe front-loading garages, but Old Palm Grove is half front-loaded because, they say, flexibility is the first prerequisite to high-density success.

Technology has become a prevalent force in our everyday lives. With more than 85% of households owning at least one computer and 70% with high-speed connections, it should be no surprise that home-buying transactions are starting to take place on the Internet. According to the National Association of Home Builders' HomeBuilder.

Financial Management - Part 1 (January 2005) discussed the importance of setting up a solid accounting system comprising four key elements: When set up correctly, these four elements ensure the information you look at on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis is as accurate as possible.

In five years, no one has ever offered to write this column for me. On seldom occasions, the deadlines have been so onerous that I could have been tempted to turn over the reins for a month. This month, however, the column was written before I ever sat down to write it. I received an e-mail from Gary Grant who, after 40 years in the industry, just retired from Pulte's Minneapolis Division.

Today's homebuyer is more aware of design elements than ever before. Even first-time buyers have definite thoughts and ideas regarding what they consider "good design." Because today's homebuyer is so keenly aware of design, it pays for builders to analyze their floor plans before beginning work on a project.

Operating expenses, as a percentage of sales revenue, should be going down in the robust markets we see across the country today, but instead they seem to be moving in the opposite direction, and that's not the sign of a well-managed company. Our target for operating expenses is 18% of total sales revenue from home building operations.

"Factory-built" usually conjures up images of industrial construction, but how does building a home that looks exactly like other homes, performs better, and can be finished in 20 days grab you? That is the vision of the PATH Concept Home, which proposes the use of factory-built components to expedite the construction process from the typical six months.

Because of its tight housing market, finding available land in Ventura County is a rarity. However, builder/developer Vintage Communities purchased 290 acres of land as an improved tentative tract map in 1999, now known as Hidden Valley Estates. Vintage swept up this available land because it's close to Thousand Oaks, CA, yet rural in its feel.

We media types tend to be news junkies. CNN, the New York Times, Bloomberg, the Wall Street Journal, we devour them all, all the time. We become especially attentive when the breaking story is about the business of the news. The story of the last few weeks made all of us in business-to-business media and certainly the general news outlets stop and pay still closer attention.

With water heating accounting for 17–25% of the average household's energy expenditures, it's no wonder new home buyers are looking for ways to save energy — and money — when it comes to their energy bills. While most homes in North America use a conventional storage tank water heater to provide hot water in the home, in recent years, manufacturers have begun offering tankless...

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