PB March 2016

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The NKBA's 2016 Design Trends Survey explores the top 10 trends in kitchens and the top 10 trends in baths, as well as a compilation of other new developments.

A new survey from the Net-Zero Energy Coalition found that there are currently 6,771 residential units that produce as much renewable energy as they con­sume, or could do so with slight modifications.

In a pre­sentation titled “2016 Economic and Housing Outlook,” during the International Builders’ Show in Las Vegas, Kevin C. Gillen, chief economist at Meyers Research, laid out the major issues facing the industry in 2016.

How do you deliver a home within reach that excites the imagination of a first-time buyer? 

The lack of skilled labor is a massive problem for the construction industry, but so far there's been little effort made to find solutions

Builders and architects share their top considerations for selecting windows and doors

The kitchen and baths in The New American Home offer contemporary design, cutting-edge technology, and the comforts and conveniences that buyers crave 

Terms that convey the upside of energy savings while addressing consumer desires go a long way in selling high-performance

As the number of unemployed workers goes down, the number of open construction jobs is going up

Well-designed exterior living enhances a new home’s appeal in all types of climates

Working with real estate agents can be a good thing, but is it always the best thing?

Failing to build entry-level homes now could mean fewer homebuyers in the future

Effective fiscal management goes far beyond monitoring the cost of building materials. Here’s a guide to thorough tracking 

Meet this year's best and brightest in the home building industry

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Ashton Woods launched Starlight Homes to target entry-level home...

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