PB May 2003

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Where do I focus my attention to get the biggest return on my investment?

Let's just call this Part II of our 2003 report on housing's Giants because we found one we missed before our April issue closed.

In the April column I tackled the notion popularized by some housing industry analysts and the popular press that large national home builders have advantages destined to render local and regional builders helpless and unable to compete

Toronto marketer Stan Kates is succeeding with his 'lifestyle concept communities,' fortifying his claim that most builders worry too much about sticks and bricks and not enough about fashioning strategic lifestyles that attract like-minded buyers.

The official numbers on the residential construction industry and the stories builders tell one another over late-night beers or early-morning coffee often can be quite different.

Public outdoor spaces usually come in two packages: the public park and the greenbelt with walkway/activity pathway.

Just like everyone else, new home buyers want to be outside as the weather turns warm.

Partnering is not a science. It's an industry buzzword that means different things to different people.

Each type of home buyer looks for a specialized set of requirements in a new home.

Few North Carolinians grow up with an appreciation for ice hockey. Fewer still play it.

The home building game is not unlike America's favorite board game:

A study by the Internet Home Alliance found that early and likely adopters of the connected home are looking for solutions that address family needs as opposed to products designed for career or entertainment.

Green Building Guidelines, a handbook published recently by the Sustainable Buildings Industry Council

In its drive to cover the country with on-your-lot operations, Centex Corp.'s Wayne Homes division has a new weapon.

As we learned from the stock market during the past three years, all bubbles eventually burst.

Beat Kahli, a central Florida TND builder and developer with an investment banking background, has come up with an innovation that might help live/work housing succeed on an important second level.

When my son was 3 years old, he got angry with me for not letting him drive my car. He was adamant that he knew how to drive and in fact was a better, faster driver than I.

A letter of intent clarifies discussions between parties in a land transaction.

No need to climb into your thinking chair to reason this one out

The list of amenities offered to lure potential home buyers continues to become more elaborate.

More than 14 million American households spend more than half their income on housing or live in substandard units.

The list of building product materials grows longer every day as new uses are found for familiar substances.

The home building game is not unlike America's favorite board game:

Dewey Homes in Wayne, Pa., has taken its Dewey University home building seminar high-tech, making it available on CD-ROM.

I meet few builders who understand the true value of a search firm.

The home building game is like America's favorite board game.

In a digital-age management move, Florida's third-largest builder, Transeastern Homes, recently moved its sales and marketing department out of the company's Coral Springs headquarters and into an Orlando office to place it nearer the bulk of new proje...

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