PB May 2005

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Profile Products' new Terra-Tubes Fiber Filtration Tubes are effective as an engineered storm water treatment device. Terra Tubes can function as part of a polymer delivery system or stand-alone fiber tube for specialized applications. This engineered composite of wood fibers, man-made fibers and performance-enhancing polymers is designed to filter and treat sediment-laden runoff while reducing...

With the exception of me, not many people in the building industry still quote quality expert Dr. W. Edwards Deming. But then I have long been accused of being out of step with the accepted wisdom of home building — a label that I treasure. I had the extreme good fortune of getting to know Dr. Deming during my days as the one and only home building member of the Detroit Deming Study Group.

If you own a small production building company and want to learn how to make a big splash in your market — against the competition of much larger firms — take a look at what Sabal Homes did with the Tradewind model at MiraBay, a master-planned community on the eastern shore of Tampa Bay, Fla.

MB-3D remote project management's software program gives construction managers full control of construction projects without having to always be present on the site. This web-based, virtual desktop can manage CAD files, access online hard drive storage files, manage schedules and e-mail, provide remote viewing and inspections and facilitate video conferencing.

Generations ago, the Breyer family built a large estate outside of Philadelphia on the profits from countless gallons of ice cream. Area kids who "screamed for ice cream" years ago now clamor to own a luxury town house on the estate's last remaining acreage. Since the late 1980s, the site had been developed with mid-market town houses and mid-rise apartment projects.

Atlas Homewares' new Euro-Tech line is characterized by its modern, modular, minimalist shapes. This square-inspired hardware line is an idyllic complement for the current trend in modern looking kitchens or a retro look as well. These new pulls and tab-style knobs reflect styles popular in Western Europe.

Financial Management - Parts 1, 2, and 3 discussed the importance of setting up a solid accounting system to accurately measure what has happened in the past so better decisions can be made in the future. Previous articles in this series have also stressed the importance of long-term financial planning as well as setting business and personal goals.

Outwater's Wood Carved Pierced Mouldings are inspired by historical and classical designs. These 2-foot long mouldings are designed with predrilled opposing holes that fit snugly together with glued wooden dowels. providing a cohesive, continuous presentation. Offered in five different designs, these architectural elements come in a variety of hardwood options: hard maple, cherry and oak.

Building science is a systems approach to home building that considers relationships between a home's components and its environment. The goal of building science: to optimize occupant health, comfort and safety; maximize energy efficiency and structural durability and reduce builder and contractor callbacks.

One of Destination Homes' models in the master-planned community of Daybreak — in South Jordan, Utah — hits buyers' hot buttons in a way that deserves scrutiny. Daybreak spans 4,126 acres within the western part of the Salt Lake Valley and is surrounded by the Oquirrh Mountains. What's unique about this community is that it is not a collection of miniature neighborhoods built by different builders.

SecureElegance provides you the safety of the traditional "iron bar" storm door while exposing the beauty of the entry door. The "KeepSafe" laminated glass features a tough layer of polyvinyl butyral fused between two panes of tempered glass. If the outer glass is broken, the laminated interlayer remains intact.

A way to build better and faster — what's not to like? Builders are finding there's a lot to like when building with advanced panel systems. Panelized wall systems are prefabricated building panels that form a structural "envelope" for the home, eliminating the need for conventional wood framing.

Designed for a variety of smaller applications STOW's CDM-1H hand-held core drill can be used for electrical and plumbing jobs that require drilling through walls and floors. The CDM-1H can be used in wet drilling applications up to three inches in diameter or with STOW's Cobra dry drilling bit up to five inches, which is made for drilling reinforced concrete.

In Lancaster County, Pa., an hour's drive west of Philadelphia and bristling with suburban expansion, builders, regulators and the general public are recognizing that growth is inevitable and sensible planning is needed to address it. For decades the county sought to foster a local version of smart growth.

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