PB May 2009

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Villebois in suburban Portland, Ore., is designed around a lively town center and features a variety of housing types.

For more than 40 years, Professional Builder has published the Annual List of Housing's Giants.  In recent years, the list has become more familiarly known as the Giant 400, because it lists the 400 largest home builders in the United States. This year 400 has become 350.

Home staging goes way beyond decorating; it is about creating a mood in the home. But how do you create that lived-in look with a skimpy budget? We ask the experts.

It's doubtful we'll hear any builders brag about their performance in the 2009 Annual Report of Housing's Giants. Most are losing money — even those on the rise in the rankings. Still, this report provides a fascinating snapshot of America's housing industry as 2008 ended. By then, casualties of housing's apocalyptic crash included not only many ranked giants but the entire American mortg...

Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn. Are they a waste of time and energy, or are they a serious marketing tool in which early adapters are cashing in? Here is some insight.

Home builders have a lot to gain by implementing Web 2.0 tactics — from blogging about neighborhood developments to posting video tours of model homes. But none of these efforts work if you don't understand your online audience.

Home builders can use secret shop companies' discoveries to train their sales staff for peak performance.

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Ashton Woods launched Starlight Homes to target entry-level home...

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