PB May 2015

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Courtyards, porches, and loggias increase the livability of a home’s interior as well as its exterior

Applications for scaled-down houses extend beyond do-it-yourselfers who crave a simpler life

Study finds building professionals are increasingly turning to online sources for building products pricing and information

The case was unique, as very few California construction defect lawsuits have gone to trial and then all the way to a verdict

As commuting distance grows, nearby housing affordability does not, studies find

Houses won't build wealth for you the way that stocks and bonds can. But houses are a good investment in other ways

Open-source sharing of best practices can be your key to success

Industry coalition study contends that OSHA underestimated the cost of proposed silica rule

Offering special features and upgrades gives you an edge with buyers, but competitive pricing, optimal margins, and streamlined packaging are essential

Cost-effective ways to meet zero-energy-ready home requirements

Choosing the right customer relationship management system allows you to manage the customer life cycle to increase your bottom line

Stanley Martin's COO talks about the downturn and the company's challenges after merging with Piedmont Realty & Construction

The tale of a small builder’s quest to maintain his market share against the big guys

Big but adaptable, the nation's largest builders respond and innovate in response to market shifts

Our annual rankings of the largest builders, as well as a closer look at the gains made, how they were achieved, and how they can be sustained

Economists and home builders agree that the short-term future looks smooth. So, is now the time to prepare for the next bumpy ride? 

A confluence of factors will swell the ranks of buyers and sellers and fuel even more merger and acquisition activity among home builders for the next couple of years

There are at least two dollars of process waste for each dollar you find in product, and the larger the builder, the greater the waste

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Ashton Woods launched Starlight Homes to target entry-level home...

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