PB November 2000

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Like each of Cricket Club’s models, the two-story, four-bedroom, 2480 square foot Club Three, is anchored by a kitchen and family room that is well integrated with adjacent outdoor living space.

One of the most important—and most sensible—principles of green building is developing in areas that already have the necessary infrastructure and public transportation systems in place.

Ultra-Tex is a proprietary blend of acrylics, cement, sealers and colorants that simulate the look of brick, stone, slate or tile on concrete surfaces.

While we cultivate a culture of “quality zealots” in our teams, too often we seem to allow the weaknesses in the group the opportunity to illustrate who we are and, unfortunately, it usually happens in front of the home buyer.

Shown in Lincoln Square Bronze Memories, Armstrong Laminate Flooring is a “floating floor” and does not have to be nailed or glued to the subfloor.

Toll’s $1.8 million model in Austin’s Hill Country pioneers a walk-out basement and Italian architectural styling.

Nature’s Touch, a process developed by this manufacturer that uses extreme heat and pressure to sculpt the surface of the floor

Last January, we introduced the concept for this column—a list of dos and don’ts for a new home building company organized to grow toward local market domination.

A new American exotic hardwood called Pecan Plank has classic tones and clear grains of Pecan and is a 5-ply engineered product offered in random lengths from 10” to 48”.

Over the past several years, natural disasters have proven at least two things: You don’t have to live in Southern California to be hit by an earthquake.

Small lots and rich feel are just right for urban strivers.

Builder as usual is no way to survive in a tightening labor market.

Adventure Plank presents the warm, inviting beauty of natural oak in a popular, new 5” plank.

One of the most surprising trends of the 1990s was the rebirth of downtown housing demand in America’s largest cities.

America’s cities are enjoying a resurgence in new housing construction, thanks in part to a partnership between NAHB, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the U.S. Conference of Mayors .

A rising tide of houses are being built without a buyer in sight.

Warren Plank in Saddle is a wider version of the popular Warren Strip in a 3/4” thick x 3-1/4” wide solid oak floor.

The character and feel of this new home may make you second-guess its newness.

Featuring the look of fine furniture in hardwood flooring is the engineered wood collection called American Classics.

Spectrum Skanska discovered an untapped vein of gold practically outside their back door.

The Roma Collection consists of four tile designs to help create the popular look of natural limestone or marble

I believe there are some “always” and “nevers” it is important for everyone in business—and in life—to remember. I’ve been lucky, a lot of these truths I’ve learned from a lot of you.

Inspired by the coloring and textures found in the natural environment, Classic Elegance, shown in Courtyard, features a tough, durable 25-mil satin-gloss urethane wearlayer and debuts in five initial designs and 24 colors

Try merchandising your next models for humans rather than consumers.

A final walk-through is usually tense for two reasons. For the buyer, it is often a 'speak now or forever hold your peace' situation. For the builder, it becomes a quest to minimize last-minute closing fixes.

T here are times when thinking about the future can lead to great things. For homebuilders, this is one of those times.

Two new entries in the Classic Flooring line are Country Oak, a new rendition of the ever-popular rustic oak and Fresco

Talking tech trends with the 'digital architect' behind L.A.’s Playa Vista and Atlanta’s Atlantic Steel mixed-use communities.

Book reviews of 'Daily Field Guide: A Logbook for Home Builders,' 'The Scopes of Work Program' and 'Sustainable Landscape Constrction.'

In 1986, after reading Robert Bellah’s book Habits of the Heart, it struck builder Perry Bigelow that he was doing housing wrong.

The Stone Classix Collection combines the look of real stone with traditional styling in its classic square designs.

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