PB November 2002

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The Moentrol tub/shower valve has been redesigned to provide a 12% increase in water flow to 7.5 gallons per minute at 60 pounds per square inch.

The National Homeowner Satisfaction Study (September 2002 PB) revealed that builders in the top 25% of customer satisfaction had 52% more closings for 2001 than those in the bottom 25%.

Homestar Mortgage Services' National Builders Program provides market, competition, customer service and feasibility studies.

Good design has as many definitions as it does creators.

Zerodraft two-component polyurethane insulating air seal kits are installed at junctions between building elements, in voids, gaps, cracks and holes, and around penetrations in a building assembly.

The best parcels never make it to market. Developers know from experience that deals for choice land often start as solutions brought to landowners who initially have no intention of selling

After designing hundreds of kitchens for builder and consumer clients, designer Julie Howes of The Strober-Haddonfield Group has created a list of kitchens do's and don'ts to ensure that customers get a safe space with just the right look.

The I/O (indoor/outdoor) fan can be installed on porches and other covered areas where dampness but not direct water spray might be present.

Flush with high share prices, big public builders are back on the acquisition trail.

Our annual Benchmark management conference is one of the events I approach each year with equal amounts of excitement and unease.

The G60 gas furnace has two-stage heating to reduce temperature swings and thermostat adjustments.

Building consensus is arguably the most difficult task facing urban planners today.

Great locations for new home communities deserve and often get great residential architecture.

For installation ease, the SteamPro steam generator is pre-installed in the Sedona steam and shower base.

The sun's low trajectory through the winter sky allows light to penetrate homes through south-facing windows for sometimes huge passive solar energy gains.

A recent study on urban development's effects on water supply demonstrates how far the anti-development camp will go to manipulate public sentiment.


The indoor/outdoor temperature sensor hooks up to any unused zone on an HAI Omni family controller and can be used for controlling temperatures in attics, garages, greenhouses, basements and wine coolers.

At some point, most builders will lose a contract to a tech-savvy home buyer for one of two reasons.

The 540 acres of rolling hills, creeks and deep canyon that form The Bridges master-planned community in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., seem a replica of the ancient hillsides in Italy's Tuscany region.

The USE 8 corded power screwdriver has 10 adjustable torque settings ranging from 27 to 159 inch-pounds.

First it was a television stand. Then came two end tables made from surplus pine flooring.

Nature's Splendor kitchen hardware features a maple leaf pattern and is designed to coordinate with a variety of wood tones and cabinet materials.

For the past three months, I have written extensively on how builders are messing up the supply chain.

MediaLab, whose multimedia programs include virtual-reality products, and iBidCo, creator of online home sales systems and events.

For builders, the motivation to close on zero-punch homes is simple: Delivering defect-free homes makes customer satisfaction skyrocket, thereby increasing referrals and sales.


Scotch Self-Release masking tape for faux and decorative painting can remain on a surface for 60 days without leaving adhesive residue behind, the company says, so a second coat of paint can be applied weeks after the first.

Building a 2,000-square-foot home in five 10-hour days is a feat most builders can't comprehend.

The first Solar Decathlon, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, BP Solar, The Home Depot, the American Institute of Architects and others, challenged college students in various disciplines to design, build and live in a solar-powered, energy-ef...

Home builders are among the most prolific users of focus group research, but few employ the latest innovation in the field online focus groups.

Aligning our teams, trades and suppliers for the right customer service outcome is as difficult for two partners as it is for a multi-regional company.

Styro Tek 1-, 1 1/2- and 2-inch rigid foam insulation panels come in aggregate, stucco, brushed, swirled and brick textures in various colors.

What great idea is driving residential housing today? Fun.

Talk to most new home sales professionals and they will tell you that if a shopper - most often the woman - falls in love with the kitchen in a model, the chances of selling that prospect a house go way, way up.

With an impact-resistant shell, a steel handle and a blow-molded base, the Job Site Radio is designed to withstand job-site punishment.

Natural stone is gaining popularity as an interior wall cladding, says DeeDee Gordon, senior designer with Ann Sacks.

The unexpected death of any employee can significantly affect company morale and productivity.

Each of these three central vacuum systems has a 360-degree motor enclosure on top that is striped with perforations to allow in more air to cool the motor and extend its life.

Only 4% of the nation's energy comes from non-hydropower renewable sources - biomass, geothermal, wind and solar.

One look at Ponderosa Homes' 4,400-square-foot Palomino model, and you would think you were in the Midwest.

Delta-MS Foundation Wrap is designed to eliminate the moisture that can lead to mold and mildew in basements.

Home buyers concerned about the safety of chemicals used in pressure-treated lumber for decks and sill plates often need a builder's reassurance that the product is safe.

The companys built-in refrigerators are designed to look as if they're part of the cabinetry.

Good design has as many definitions as it does creators.

A new partnership between Builder Homesite Inc. and SalesSimplicity.net is designed to ensure that the two companies' software will integrate seamlessly.

The 540 acres of rolling hills, creeks and deep canyon that form The Bridges master-planned community in Rancho Santa Fe, Calif., seem a replica of the ancient hillsides in Italy's Tuscany region.

The ViperWiper removes all types and grades of paint from multiple surfaces, in-cluding skin, without using solvents, the company says

We need a delivery pulled into this month, cycle time is killing us, subcontractors are not cleaning up, turnover is out of control, the customer wants another change, etc., etc.

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