PB November 2003

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Inland Homes Group builds mainstream housing with an average sale price of $210,000 and uses franchising agreements to define a business relationship.

What has changed to make Art Rutenberg's curious eccentricity - franchising local home building businesses like fast-food restaurants - attract sudden interest across the country?

Land acquisition and development play prominently in the strategy of Ryland Homes’ Orlando, Fla., division, whose sales have doubled or nearly doubled for three years running.

Rancho Mission Viejo designed the village of Terramor, an environmentally sensitive iteration in Ladera Ranch, Calif., of the developer’s ongoing mission, to target Cultural Creative buyers.

James Dunne's show home was built according to principles of feng shui, an ancient Chinese philosophy.

The short answer about whether J.D. Power scores matter to wall Street: NO. If you look at earnings per share or ROI, no correlation exists between J.D. Power and any other measure of customer satisfaction.

Since the late 1980s, Epcon Group evolved its designs towards an innovative pinwheel cluster four-plex, an affordable condominium product that might be the closest thing in real estate to the McDonald's hamburger.

List highlights innovation in materials, resource conservation, emission control and durability.

Black streaks often mistaken for dirt, mildew, sap or fungus on roofs might be Gloeocapsa magma, an algae strain that thrives in warm, humid environments.

The Jobs and Growth Tax Relief Reconciliation Act of 2003 provides something for almost everyone: business owners, investors and taxpayers.

A small but significant movement is afoot to build homes that produce as much energy as they use.

Discover what separates you from the competition, and then celebrate the difference in everything you do.

Tuckahoe Creek Construction not only won the Better Business Bureau’s local Torch Award in Richmond, Va., but also garnered honorable mention (second place) in the small-company category of the national competition this year.

Hopefully the rest of the financial world will note what housing lenders long have known: Housing production lending offers greater rewards and fewer risks than many other types of lending.

Don't just bemoan the perception that the building industry is the bad guy. Do something about it ... such as winning a business ethics award.

In 1999, Artistic Homes vice president Max Wade fundamentally changed how his company builds homes while keeping its market leadership at approximately 800 homes a year.

A conversation with a New York gave birth to Coscan's Atlantic One program, in which buyers get 20-25 hours of private jet service depending on the type of condominium purchased.

Ceilings, the forgotten fourth dimension of home design, add value in many ways.

By far the most experienced franchiser, Arthur Rutenberg Homes also offers the deepest services, including the housing industry's benchmark computer system.

Until recently, landowners could sell wildlife lands to the federal government for a market value so fair it rivaled the profits from developing that land.

Hedgewood Properties in Cumming, Ga., has long carried the green building torch in metropolitan Atlanta.

Two books each deliver 224 pages of photographs and explanations of very specific design ideas, and six keys to design.

Indirect construction costs are part of the construction process and are overhead but can't be tied to individual houses.

Most developments use a conveyance system to transport water off site through a series of pipes and into a local waterway. Increasingly, however, public officials and developers want to use rainwater as a resource.

To stimulate traffic after a slight summer downturn in the Houston market, Sienna Plantation waived Sienna Golf Club's $3,000 initiation fee for anyone buying a Sienna home, plus buyers received for free a $1,000 birdhouse.

Production builders are making energy and resource efficiency, durability and healthy indoor air business as usual.

After rejecting more than 100 sealers for their concrete countertops, Chris Keown and his colleagues at Concrete Canvas created their own formula.

The opportunity to do something meaningful at work is the best thing an employer can offer.

The ability to read between the lines and decipher vague statements can be invaluable in the interview process.

The company plan should support and provide a road map for ownership's vision.

Moisture intrusion in wood products such as framing materials before they go into a house presents a problem, too.

Rebuilding a damaged community demands teamwork and speed.

At 4,700 acres and an eventual tally of 8,000 for-sale homes and 4,000 apartments, Stapleton in Denver ranks as one of the largest green communities in the nation.

Palmer Village, a retail/loft community, won’t break ground until the spring of 2004, but Classic trumpeted the project the past two summers through a free concert-in-the-park series.

Add the Charlotte Ethics in Business Award, a local affiliate of the American Business Ethics Award program, to the long list of achievements by Charlotte, N.C., luxury kingpin Simonini Builders.

Rebuilding a damaged community demands teamwork and speed.

Dirttogo.com is a Web site to remember if you run into problems with too much cut or too little fill.

To make its public commitment to build environmentally sensitive homes and communities work, Los Angeles-based Pardee Homes must know what buyers will pay for and not force them to pay for features they don't want.

Tired of same old, same old? You might try privatized military housing be-cause the Defense Department is throwing billions at it under the 1996 National Defense Authorization Act.

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