PB November 2008

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Gerstad Builders won the Avid Diamond Award & the Best Customer Experience in North America Award at the 2008 Avid Awards.

Home builders weigh which strategy will best allow them to survive and profit when the market turns around.

Learn how sales professionals can measure if they are really hearing what’s important to home buyers.

Blandford Homes was rated Number One in Phoenix in the 2008 Avid Awards.

Lakewood Homes received an Avid Award in the 500-plus Closings category at the 2008 Avid Awards.

Avid Award winners for 2008 leverage customer loyalty in home building to survive the housing slump.

Home buyers find themselves at the center of everything in this suburban infill project that is November's Best Address.

Neither reliable reports nor experts can predict the recovery, but it's likely it'll get worse first. Let's rip off the Band-Aid as soon as we can.

Van Metre Companies received an Avid Award in the 100-199 Closings category at the 2008 Avid Awards.

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