PB November 2012

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Award-winning builders share their process for making happy customers.

Building scientists and leading home builders offer tips and techniques for designing and building 'market-rate' net-zero energy homes.

Demand is high for infill housing in urban areas as well as established suburbs. When done right, such projects can trigger positive changes in the surrounding neighborhood.

Professional Builder’s House Review design team offers five concepts that maximize the functionality, efficiency, and privacy of the master suite.

As the housing market bounces back, more builders are certain to face a scarcity in qualified contractors and laborers. Here are 10 ways to protect your business from the coming labor shortage.

Representatives of federal government agencies, states, municipalities, research centers, professional associations, and environmental groups met recently at the White House to discuss ways to promote green infrastructure solutions for addressing stormwater issues.

Passive House experts share tips on improving energy performance without having to meet the standard.

Being “liked” and having many “friends” are highly overrated if you’re not making measurable sales as a result, says sales management guru Bob Schultz.

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The winners of this year’s Professional Builder Design Awards show...

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