PB October 2001

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University studies yield insights into windproofing homes. Research shows wind damage can be reduced by paying more attention to selection and connection of walls, windows, doors and roof decking.

Good managers often have an innate ability to understand people. This helps them respond well to the unspoken individual requirements of staffers and goes a long way toward keeping their teams focused and motivated.

After a recent holiday weekend, I noticed that the trash was beginning to fill the containers and enclosures at the job site, so I called the man who hauls it away for us and scheduled him for the following Friday.

With the help of CARB and Steven Winter Associates, Cambridge Homes completes an arduous 18-month process to earn Energy Star certification for an active-adult community in the Chicago suburbs.

It’s a sure sign that steel framing is steadily moving forward as a conventional part of building homes.

The Villas at Mia Tia Circle - a learning lab for a better way of building.

Todd Shraiberg, project manager for HousingZone, taught me the word stickiness, among many other things useful. Stickiness in his world is the equivalent to readership in mine.

Proposed regulatory changes for wetlands development activities would bring almost no flexibility or regulatory relief to the Clean Water Act Section 404 program and would modify only slightly the onerous wetlands Nationwide Permit (NWP) restrictions i...

Everything has changed. It seems like years ago, though it has been only days, that we were glib about our freedoms and lifestyle. We took it all for granted, and often that included each other.

The profound feeling of loss and grief after last month's tragedy is a worldwide phenomenon.

California's sweeping effort to improve air quality goes well beyond car emissions.

Today’s home buyers are making the kitchen the center of their family’s living and entertainment space — family rooms and dining areas typically radiate out from where food is stored and meals are prepared. Not a simple workspace, kitch-ens must make a...

Avoluntary green building program in Santa Barbara County, Calif., is thriving as a result of a strong set of incentives.

Instead of whispering 'plastics' into the ears of graduates as a career tip, well-meaning family friends might soon approach your son or daughter with an unexpected tidbit — 'environmental consulting.'

Everything I needed to know about people, I learned on the night shift.

One of the knocks against townhouse design is the predictability of most floor plans.

Counties and local governments in the Chicago area were recently put on notice -- ensure that their residential development fees conform with state laws or face an imminent threat of litigation

Measuring quality is essential to improvement. With measurements, you can see trends, problem areas and gains made through improvement efforts.

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Ashton Woods launched Starlight Homes to target entry-level home...

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