PB October 2002

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The Miter Saw Utility Vehicle is a miter saw support stand that collapses into a cart with 12-inch rubber wheels for mobility over job-site terrain as well as for transport on stairs and into and out of pickup trucks.

In the year that has passed since I left my corporate haven to become a consultant exclusively for residential home builders...

One the biggest challenges facing advocates of New Urbanism is how to keep vehicles moving through narrow, pedestrian-oriented streets and alleys.

Recognizing and removing low-value activities or cost-only factors are as vital to a company's success as having a clear vision, a good process map and efficient documentation.

Liquid Ceramic architectural coating is designed to eliminate the need to repaint a home every three to five years.

The 3802L is a 12-inch compound miter saw with a dual LaserLoc system that shows the line of cut on either side of the blade kerf, at any angle, brightly enough for outdoor use, and with or without the blade in motion.

The Affordable Housing Design Advisor is a Web site.

For more information on the National Housing Quality Awards, view these resources.

Earl LaFave, president and co-owner of Beck Development, wanted to play up the industrial history of the reclaimed sand and gravel quarry he restored to create the Hidden Lake community.

WaterTite, a waterproofing paint for basements and masonry, contains a mildewcide that prevents mold and mildew growth on the paint film for at least five years, the company says.

David Gordon, principal of the Channel Marketing Group has coined the term 'entrepreneurism' to describe the reason for a company's initial success.

Savvy managers should implement performance management rather than performance measures

Sound Barrier Window Systems include double-hung, slider, picture, awning, casement, bow and bay windows, as well as patio doors.

Not So Big Solutions for Your Home is the third book by nationally acclaimed architect-turned-author Sarah Susanka.

Can we agree on this page for this month to suspend talk of the housing bubble?

A properly designed and installed whole-house ventilation system provides fresh air, filters and mixes the air, and then distributes that air around the house, all with minimal maintenance.

New Castle XT sliding patio doors come in a standard rail style for maximum viewing area and a French rail style for a traditional look.

The Twin Cutter saw cuts metal, wood, plastic, fiberglass or any combination of those materials without changing blades.

The American Homeowners Association, a subscription-based organization that provides various services and discounts to homeowners, renters and first-time home buyers...

Pulte Homes of Minnesota has been a quality management star within a larger national organization that is increasingly focused on quality.

There are no small visions at Neumann Homes, a two-time winner of the National Housing Quality Award.

More and more allergists are writing their patients an unusual prescription for a central vacuum system to treat allergies and asthma.

Most builders are probably familiar with at least two employee issues that involve skirting the rules...

Getting anywhere in the fast lane to management excellence requires keen process management and impact insight.

The HTL Ultimate 2D door hinge for wood and vinyl profiles allows for adjustment of the door horizontally (+/-2 millimeters) and vertically (+/-2.5mm) with the turn of a screw.

The ToolTote features soft sides to eliminate dents and gouges caused by standard toolboxes.

Amid news that statutory requirements on homeowners insurance premiums have driven Farmers Insurance from writing such policies in Texas and that State Farm is taking a break in California, Balboa Life & Casualty is looking particularly intrepid.

Every History Maker Homes employee and every trade, supplier and consultant working for the company agree that while all of its recent innovations make History Maker a better company.

With about 900 employees, Fairmont Homes is one of the largest employers in north-central Indiana, which CEO Jim Shea calls 'the Silicon Valley of manufactured homes and RVs.'

Sierra Premium Shake now is available stained and primed.

Sarasota, Fla., builder John Cannon conquered a treacherous challenge in August.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently awarded $61 million for the purchase of thousands of acres in eight states in support of habitat conservation.

Developing world-class team members capable of driving Neumann Homes to its 2020 envisioned future of transforming the company into the undisputed No. 1 home builder in the world is an initiative that involves everyone in the organization.

Applications for three new models of SureShot fine-wire staplers include panel installation and light wood assembly.

Woodstalk fiberboard panels combine wheat-straw fiber with a polyurethane binder.

According to Fannie Mae's annual housing survey, more Americans are buying or plan to buy homes in part because 70% view the purchase of a home as the safest, most lucrative place to put their money.

History Maker Homes began experimenting with customer satisfaction measurement in the early 1990s by employing a local marketing firm to do surveys.

To celebrate McKay Landing's proximity to McKay Lake, Downing, Thorpe & James designed a duck insignia to help establish a Western waterfront theme and create a colorful, continuous focal point within the community.

Delivered ready to install, woven wire grilles are hand-reproduced from original designs ranging from the English Country to French Provincial periods.

The stock plan business currently goes like this: If a builder (or the client) buys a blueprint (for about $600 or $800), the purchaser has bought it for one use (one house) and cannot reuse, resell or rebuild the plan without repaying or receiving wri...

A set of CD-ROMs with state-by-state maps of the entire country from the U.S. Geological Survey can be a handy tool for residential land buyers.

Increasing profit, quality products and services, agility, lower overhead, and operating costs are the key benchmarks vital to the performance and culture of successful firms.

With its laminated glazing and reinforcing storm clips, the StormPlus Wood Ultimate double-hung window is certified to meet New York state building codes.

Raised- or long-panel garage doors in the Banner Collection are offered in four insulation levels, from the entry-level Crest (a noninsulated steel door) to the Ribbon (full-depth insulation with a 9.83 R-value and steel backing).

Contemporary styling and functionality come together in the decorative Bench Radiator from Myson.

Innovation was the push for a few years.

Whether you're a builder on a custom home project, a remodeler overhauling an existing home or a homeowner just looking for some great ideas, Wendy A. Jordan, author of The Kidspace Idea Book, has them.

Silver Shield is a multilayer radiant barrier system for attics.

Satisfied customers work overtime for their builders.

Although sales of manufactured homes surged in the late 1990s because of a loosening of financing restrictions, the slowing economy has caused repossession rates to shoot up.

In addition to providing support for thousands of low-income residents in California, Proposition 46, a $2.1 billion housing bond referendum on the statewide ballot next month, would strike a blow against a practice that many builders and developers na...

The Inland Marine Underwriters Association offers 10 suggestions to keep your construction site safe from wind damage.

Their management methods owe more to Jesus Christ than W. Edwards Deming.

Creating memory points in models is key, and generic sports props for boys don't cut it anymore. Rooms should reflect kids' varied interests and parents' inner child.

Warranties have been extended by five years on Savannah and Summit asphalt shingles, to 30 years on Savannah and 35 years on Summit.

QuickGantt 4.0, QuickAssist 2.5, Smart Tools Contact Manager and Smart Tools Project Manager are desktop software products designed for small to medium-size businesses.

There has been much speculation about a possible house price 'bubble' that will burst, resulting in dramatic declines in value such as those that have devastated the stock market.

Twelve years ago, when 'Quality was Job 1' at Ford Motor Co. and many other Fortune 500 firms, only a handful of home builders were on the total quality management bandwagon.

Integral to Fairmont Homes' commitment to lean manufacturing and employee involvement is its color-coded inventory system.

The Wedge Nail Gripper is designed to keep nails firmly in place and eliminate slippage that can cause accidental hammering of fingers.

Buyers considering a coastal home have one question: Can this house survive most hurricanes and other weather events?

In the August and September 'Lessons Learned' columns, I got pretty worked up about misdirected supply chain management practices I had encountered of late.

In a real coup, Jorge Perez, chairman of The Related Group of Florida, signed renowned designer Philippe Starck to conceptualize Icon, Starck's first residential project in the United States.

Developed specifically for siding, windows and doors, Siding-Seal can be applied in cold weather and adheres to dry or damp surfaces.

Designed to fit all traditional openings, the Fassada Fashion Wallplate has rounded edges and no visible screws.

New survey data suggest that despite a reputation for being technology laggards, builders and their suppliers are steadily moving forward with e-commerce and back-office data interchange.

Consultant Scott Sedam played a major role in History Maker Homes' evolution into a fairly sophisticated practitioner of total quality management.

Pulte Minnesota's trade council has formed a number of subcommittees designed to tackle one-time initiatives implementing a recycling program at each job site and developing safety regulations, for example.

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