PB October 2015

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When complexity exceeds capacity, everyone loses. Here's the first step in fixing a broken process

Fostering a culture of ownership helped Veridian nab top honors.

A little less efficiency can result in more personalized effectiveness 

Holding trades to an exacting benchmark helps attract the best in the business.

Is the economy “well enough”? Many economists and analysts say it’s not. 

Daily standup meetings and brief huddles promote a culture of communication

Tom Gillespie has long believed that a healthy bottom line is the by-product of excellence. Scores of home builders have benefited from his approach.

After more than a decade in the field, the engineer and building scientist has played a role in certifying more than 6,000 green homes and apartments in 10 states

Five trends show how universal design is reaching beyond mobility to embrace walkability, wellness, and community connections

A compact duct system can help meet this increasingly common challenge

When builder brothers addressed their growing pains, their long-range vision got sharper.

Fostering a culture of ownership helped Veridian nab top honors.

Streamlining to-do lists improves efficiencies and makes for happy homeowners.

Is the economy “well enough”? Many economists and analysts say it’s not. 

Widespread use of data promotes truth instead of myth, plus better evaluation of cost control, customer satisfaction, and even quality of life at work.

Sales and marketing requires deploying a vast array of skills to reach a wide range of people. Here are takeaways from companies that nailed it.

Raising the bar means that top standards must permeate every aspect of work culture. Just ask the winners of this year’s National Housing Quality Awards.

A wave of new investment is entering the senior housing sector

Large showers, space-savvy built-ins, and luxury touches speak to current buyer demand.

Even with lower unemployment rates, many Millennials still live at home with their families

As radio-frequency identification moves from nifty gadget to part of our daily life, some builders are tapping its potential

Home builders share their views on credit availability, appraisals, and alternative financing

The EPA has made several key changes to how programs that target consumer energy use but affect home construction are treated

Job­site theft costs the construction industry more than $1 billion a year. Some companies are adding a new deterrent to their arsenal of security measures

State senator Fran Pavley's pollution reduction bill meets with opposition from the California Building Industry Association

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