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At the end of the day, way too many of you are sneaking out the construction entrance with your lights off when you should be cruising slowly down the street you built, waving at everyone and asking that recent close on lot 137 how her youngest daughte...

Automix 20 is an electronic temperature control with night setback to actuate three- or four-way Termomix valves for radiant floor heating and radiator or fin-tube base-board applications.

Looking to save money and keep your home buyers happier longer on your next new home project?

The MS350 10-inch miter saw integrates a front bevel lock system onto the miter action shaft at the front of the saw, so the same shaft that locks the miter action also locks the bevel mechanism.

The National Tour of Solar Homes was held October 16, 1999 in 36 states from Alabama to Wisconsin.

Exterior Accents latex paint is designed to eliminate concern about colorfastness.

Seeking to restore 'scenic equilibrium' to the shores of Lake Tahoe, the same regional agency that re-cently won a long-running property rights case is flexing its muscle again.

The metal Dryerbox installs between studs behind a dryer to collect and house the flex exhaust hose.

On his way to delivering 80 single-family homes this year in Talega, the desirable south Orange County, Calif., master plan, Dave Goudie and his four assistants focus on processes, quality and communication.

WaterProofing Wood Protector combines the penetrating benefits and protection of oil-based finishes with the faster drying and cleanup of water-based products.

With only 75 employees (including a full sales force) handling more than 500 closings a year, Engle Homes’ Arizona division seems the opposite of Ginsburg Development Corp.


FinePoint internal muntins are thermally sealed between two panes of tempered glass.

High-end home building has been Don Lytton's specialty for most of his 25 years running job sites.

Cellular PVC cornerboards have a miter-locked seam that won’t open, Azek says.

Using a professional search firm is analogous to identifying and properly managing your personal financial planner. It is that serious.

Vertical spa sets combine ex-terior trim and body sprays in one package; a system can be ordered with one SKU (valves sold separately).

The lack of close-in, developable land in San Diego has spawned a downtown infill building boom that has slowly gained momentum the past few years.

GuardianPlus whole-house HEPA air systems cleanse indoor air, eliminating a variety of allergens.

With its new KnowledgeWorkx Resource Program (www.alcoatraining.com), Alcoa Building Products seeks to remedy an industrywide problem.

The RL-H3C fully automatic, self-leveling laser is designed for elevation and machine control applications.

Big, tall and in control, John Matthews dominates his job site in Cloverdale, Calif., where he builds three- and four-bedroom detached homes 90 minutes north of the Golden Gate Bridge.

The DS200-AC adds corded power to Senco’s DuraSpin collated-feed screwgun.

Paul Douglas, weatherman at WCCO-TV in Minneapolis, is marketing a new application for cell phones that provides weather conditions and forecasts, along with Doppler radar images, for any specific site, including job sites.

ProShield ProTilt double-hung windows combine wood interiors with vinyl exteriors designed to be maintenance-free. Sash tilt in for cleaning or removal.

The Millennial Housing Commission recently issued a landmark report that recommends creating a homeownership tax credit and establishing a mixed-income multifamily rental production program.

Ten feature colors have been added to the company’s line of clad windows: Classic Black...

Seven years ago, Hawthorne, N.Y., builder Martin Ginsburg made it his mission to improve customer satisfaction by multiplying contact points throughout his company with buyers.

The Classic line of stone-coated steel roofing systems comes in two types of tile and shake profiles.

Like many of his peers, Ross Friedman began his career as a carpenter.

The TrueLock collection of glueless laminate floors includes eight new colors: Heirloom Pine, Western Oak Natural...

The Family Studio concept from Whirlpool Corp. elevates the laundry room to a spacious, multipurpose, family-friendly place.

Colors in the company’s line of countertop laminates in-clude Radium EV, a medium green designed to add tranquility to the kitchen.

KTM Stain & Grain finishing kits are designed to give the look of real wood to steel, fiberglass and molded doors and trim.

To understand what kind of superintendent Rusty Wolf is (he recently accepted a promotion to companywide construction manager), it is important to know he was a military man, and not just an ordinary military man.

In addition to an air draw of 850 cubic feet per minute, the self-cleaning Typhoon range hood has double centrifugal blowers that liquefy cooking residue into two cups, eliminating the need for baffles or filters.

Building 3,000- to 4,000-square-foot homes at a $500,000 price point, Bob Cartledge succeeds by making the most of an ethos and a system that have served his company well through the years.

At 80 inches high, Sonata one-piece, high-domed bath/shower enclosures accommodate taller bathers.

Richard Sewell, director of marketing for KB Home’s Phoenix division, knows it pays to watch how companies outside the industry do things.

The WPB-16EAWD all-wheel-drive power buggy in a 16-foot capacity is designed for use on even sandy or muddy job sites.

Orestes Hernandez has a deep well of construction knowledge, business savvy and people skills.

Home building is one of the few industries not singing the blues lately. So what’s up with Albert Cummings?

Sierra Series 36- and 42-inch B-vent fireplaces feature a standard radiant design, permitting noncombustible material such as marble, stone, ceramic tile and brick to be installed around the firebox opening.

Before you specify or install your next wood floor, a few minutes on the National Wood Flooring Association’s Web site might be a good idea.

The Healthy Climate media air cleaner removes 80% of circulated household dust and other particles and 65% of bio-aerosols as tiny as 0.3 microns, Lennox says.

Randy Banks has been building in Mountain Air Country Club in Burns-ville, N.C., since its inception in 1990, but only in the past two or three years has he enlisted outside help to survey customer satisfaction.

The 601RG refrigerator’s glass door lets homeowners see in-side.

Builders on Long Island, N.Y., are market-testing communities before models are built.

The BE622SR+L drill features a triple-reduction gear train that allows up to 310 inch-pounds of torque, the company says.

Terra Antica porcelain tile for floors and walls is designed to simulate terra cotta with color variation from tile to tile.

D.R. Stembers has put his experience and trade contractor relationships to work at Paul Taylor Homes, which will close more than 200 homes this year.

The company has upgraded its line of self-centering vises.

English/Spanish for Painters & Contractors could make jobs easier for construction superintendents who manage Spanish-speaking trade crews -- especially painters.

The 2000 Series of cutting pliers comprises side-cutting and diagonal-cutting models for ACSR, screws, nails and most hardened wire.

Walking up to an on-site sales trailer can be both overwhelming and underwhelming to potential buyers — overwhelmingly intimidating given the trailer’s sheer size, underwhelming in its lack of appeal and polish (after all, it is a trailer).

Summit blowing insulation is a virgin white fiber glass that is low-dust, retains fire-resistant properties for the life of a home, and won’t support corrosion or microbial growth, Knauf says.

Glass block shower systems come in three styles: 48x48-inch square with door and base featuring Decora or Ice-Scapes pattern glass block...

From three of the authors of 1977’s influential A Pattern Language comes Patterns of Home: The Ten Essentials of Enduring Design.

Is housing a form of retailing?

Stainless steel, curved-glass wall ovens are available in 27- and 30-inch sizes in single and double formats.

Oversize Jumbo Royal Sovereign shingles from GAF Corp. install faster, save material and reduce labor time by up to 40%, the company says.

The MS350 10-inch miter saw integrates a front bevel lock system onto the miter action shaft at the front of the saw, so the same shaft that locks the miter action also locks the bevel mechanism.

As the topic of suburban sprawl and anti-growth legislation heats up with the upcoming federal elections, the Sierra Club recently released its second annual report on sprawl.

Country Kitchen filter faucets are meant to work with most independent undercounter filtration systems.

The Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute promotes quality paint as a proven, profitable new home upgrade.

The Balance Pressure line includes single shower sets as well as tub and shower sets.

If the adage 'the best time to ask for money is when you don’t need it' is true, then this is the perfect time for builders to fortify their credit lines.

Culinaire 18-gauge stainless steel sinks have a brushed finish.

Just like their parents, kids these days are savvy. The old rules of model home merchandising for girls -- ballet dancers and cheerleaders -- no longer apply.

Pro-Series PR-255 and PR-256 are general-purpose polyure-thane sealants for window, siding, door and roof applications.

Superintendent, construction manager or simply builder: By any name, these construction professionals sit squarely at the intersection of cost, quality, customer satisfaction and ultimately a builder’s good name.

The MC2000 combines multiroom audio and intercom features into one network.

Barbara Allen, a housing analyst with Arnhold & Breichroeder Inc., is convinced housing price reversals will take the entire economy into a deeper recession as soon as 2003.

So what was wrong with the guaranteed low-price strategy?

Standard sizes of the 200 Series gliding window come in full-inch increments to simplify ordering and installation

John Sias' home building knowledge goes back to 1980, when he built his first home under the tutelage of a general contractor friend.

ProFinish vinyl windows and patio doors include made-to-order double-hung, single-hung, casement, slider, picture and geometric-shaped windows.

When Del Webb brought its desert homes to the Midwest four years ago to open 6,000-unit Sun City Huntley, it was superintendents such as Tim King who pushed for additional plan adaptations to make them perform better in the Midwestern climate.

The WeatherMaker 8000 gas furnace includes a vent elbow that converts the 13 multipoise positions without other adjustments.

A free educational program developed by the NAHB is helping elementary school students learn about the home building process, construction jobs and the environment.

At 7 1/2 inches long, 14.4-volt, cordless impact wrenches are designed for maneuverability.

NAHB economists rank housing markets for hotness by comparing residential building permit data with population numbers.

Cabinet boxes and casework now can be ordered with Confirmat screw assembly.

Enormous fences, hedges, man-made earthen berms and the unadorned backs of new homes form the dull view along arterial roadways in much of suburbia today.

Magna Titanium saw blades for woodcutting are ground with a 600-grit diamond wheel, making the edges three times sharper than conventional carbide teeth, the company says.

Satisfaction at any point in a customer’s experience is the sum of perceptions minus expectations, says Paul Cardis, president and CEO of NRS Corp.

The Sedona Collection of leaded glass for Smooth-Star doorlites and sidelites has two design options.

New homes today must do more per square foot than they ever have before.

The Ultimate Trim Series is designed to give a unique look to the shower with chrome-plated handles for temperature and volume control.

The return of the butler's pantry is making modern entertaining easier than ever.

The Strait-Line laser line generator casts a virtual laser line across any surface.

By combining shower head and body spray functionality, Freehander offers 18 spray combinations

Personal accountability for results. Without it, there can be great strategies, great people and great operations but no reliable means of execution.

The Pharo Prestige Panel SL, a pre-plumbed, wall-hanging shower panel, has a 55-inch hand-shower hose built into its aluminum body.

In Bill Davis' voice, there is no mistaking the energy, enthusiasm and passion he has for home building.

Users of Pulsar estimating software now can pull reports that highlight specific information, such as cost of materials only, total cost of labor (with or without materials) or an hourly labor cost breakout.

A new Web site, www.smartsites.org, assesses the 'smartness' of a property.

The chrome Kitchen Pantry Pit has shelves in eight sizes.

In the first quarter this year, Ed Pettigrew earned the highest bonus Royce Homes has ever paid to a construction superintendent for meeting key objectives.

No one on earth knows more about how to make money in the home building business than Lee Evans.

The Gateway B-vent fireplace’s vent can be terminated vertically or horizontally, ena-bling placement anywhere in a home.

One of the most valuable benefits of the NHS competition is the insight into the best practices of builders that scored high in customer satisfaction.

The Pioneer raised-panel steel garage door is designed to look like wood.

Please excuse Denver-area builder John Osborn if he doesn’t see the unbridled pursuit of customer satisfaction as something new.

Rocklath plaster-base gypsum lath now comes in a 2x8-foot panel size that installs with fewer fasteners than the product’s previous generation.

Subscribers to the new eCodes Online service from the International Code Council can download information from more than 13 building codes to their computer.

The Sheerline PVC post system for 6x6-inch treated wooden posts includes an ex-truded sleeve and fitted post cap and base with an optional aluminum surface mount for use when attaching to concrete.

Towel radiators offer radiant heat for the bath while warming towels and robes.

With the help of an assistant and a punchlist person, Kevin Treloar delivers 12 homes a month on average.

QuickPort stainless steel wall plates offer field-configurable flexibility in a one-piece housing.

Owensboro, Ky.-based Thompson Homes is committed to aligning its customer’s expectations with what really happens in home building.

The 4525 drill guide is de-signed to facilitate straight and angled drilling, edge and round stock drilling, countersinking, and edge sanding.

It would be hard to find another builder in America with a stronger sense of mission than McStain Neighborhoods in Boulder, Colo.

Bridle ring saddles combine the convenience of a bridle ring with a cable-bearing surface for all communications cabling.

The company's new router system includes a 1 3/4-horsepower, 11-amp, fixed-base router;

A soaring cost of living is making schoolteachers an endangered species in Northern California.

Make hay when the sun is shining. That’s how builders are responding to strong demand and low mortgage rates.

Willson V-Maxx safety goggles are designed for applications involving impact, dust, mist, chemical splash and welding.

As the number and types of home technologies grow and consumer demand for the same increases, it becomes harder and harder to ensure that your new homes are futureproof.

The curvature of the Summer Rain walk-in shower keeps water in while eliminating the need for a door.

Southern California Giant Fieldstone Communities has found a new way to maintain strong relationships with past customers and make a buck doing so.

GreenGuard Plygood-Ultra rigid foam board sheathing in 7/16-inch thickness is designed to be an economical alternative to oriented strand board and plywood in nonstructural wall sections.

The Pew Internet and American Life initiative found that 40 million Americans, one-third of all Internet users in the United States, have looked for housing information online, an increase of 66% since March 2000.

Portfolio Select cabinets offer two new glazed finishes on Rushmore door styles.

Made of Appalachian lumber, Compass pre-finished solid flooring comes in two widths and 20 SKUs.

The most effective builders I’ve known in my more than 20 years working in the home building industry not only invest in research, but also have an in-depth understanding of how to apply that research in each of their markets and submarkets.

Ultra*Duct Gold rigid duct board for HVAC systems features an airstream facing de-signed to reduce nuisance dust during fabrication.

Asking customers if they have actually recommended their builder is an important innovation in the NRS research.

Silestone quartz countertop surfaces come in seven new colors.

Think about the last time your company debuted a new product line -- bigger homes at a higher price point, attached homes for entry-level buyers, a maintenance-free community for empty nesters.

Two height-adjustable jets on the Monitor 1800 jetted shower system let the spray angle adjust to the user’s height.

Ultra Source portable generators are available in two wattage ratings, 12,500 and 15,000.

Recessed lighting is tops and track lighting barely registers on the popularity meter, according to a National Kitchen & Bath Association survey of its members on customers’ preferences.

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