Making the Most of Social Media

January 12, 2017

A.  This is a question we get a lot from builders. You may have a social media presence, but have little or no knowledge of whether it’s currently adding any value to your marketing strategy.

To answer this question, I touched base with Laura Britcher, who is a Senior Account Manager on our team at Group Two.  She’s worked with hundreds of builders across the country to expand their social media presence.  She says: 

Social Media is such a valuable way to connect and influence potential buyers by interacting with them on daily basis.  But simply pushing out content consistently doesn’t guarantee a successful social presence.  That’s usually why having a sales team member managing it in their free time isn’t an effective approach. Here are six things you need to ask yourself when evaluating whether or not your social media is helping your business.

1. Are you on the right platforms? Not all social media sites will be right for your messaging or your brand, but you don’t want to be missing out on valuable opportunities to be found by your audience where they’re searching most. Do you have a Facebook page? Pinterest? Are you on Houzz? Are you blogging? It’s crucial to be showing up where your customers are searching.

2. Are you using Google Analytics? Google analytics is an extremely helpful tool to monitor any traffic going to your website from any of these platforms.  This data can help you understand which platforms and what messaging is bringing people to your site, so you can prioritize this content moving forward.

3. What type of content are you posting? Your pages should have a personality that’s consistent with your company culture and mission statement, and has to be engaging your audience in order to be successful.  If you’re seeing likes, comments and shares on your posts then you know you’re connecting and interacting with your audience in the way you should be.

4. Is there a strategy to what you’re posting and how often? Without planning out what your goals are, it’s impossible to know if you’re achieving them. This is why Group Two gives builders a monthly calendar to help them see the big picture of how each post is part of a cohesive strategy.

5. Has anyone reviewed you or shared an experience?  This one is key: If no one is talking about you, then your social is lacking a crucial component to success. Social media is all about creating dialogues about your business, so if that’s not the case, then you need to revisit what you can do to start the conversation.

6. Are you taking advantage of the ways social platforms can help you reach your audience? Social media advertising, videos, targeted audiences, etc. – Social media is constantly evolving to meet the needs of businesses so you should be using the right features to expand your network.  

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