Outdoor Living Spaces Become Top Priority for Home Owners

June 23, 2020
Outdoor space with kitchen, fireplace, and furniture
By Neil

The regulations that kept consumers confined to their homes have created a larger interest in the already high demand for outdoor living spaces, according to Forbes. Where time was once used for traveling and going out, time is now spent analyzing indoor and outdoor areas in the home. Deck and garden builders are seeing record highs of leads and noticing common desires for shade and privacy. Although large projects are being phased out and luxury homes are harder to sell, home owners continue to ask for luxe outdoor space.

Outdoor living spaces have been growing in popularity and amenities for years, but the restrictions imposed by the coronavirus are spurring even greater demand, new planning strategies and interesting new amenities, industry pros report. Here’s what they’re seeing and predicting through next year.

Pandemic Effects

“Stay at home and shelter in place orders have made homeowners keenly aware of both their indoor and outdoor space,” observes Kate Bailey, senior director of category management for the Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery chain. “They are investing more now that they are spending more time at home and traveling less due to the pandemic.”

There’s a silver lining to the restrictions, she notes:  “You’re able to see this as a time where you can reconnect with your family or nature. You can create a space where you embrace a more active lifestyle. Perhaps you can begin a circuit workout or take up a new hobby like gardening, grilling or bocce.”


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