Porcelain Tiles | Soci

February 28, 2017

Soci has launched three modern large-format porcelain tile collections that emulate concrete. Multiple colors of rust, white, and gray on each plank in the Terre series give the look of a concrete floor. Tiles in the Kronos series have a semi-polished concrete look with a slight sheen for dimension. Meant to evoke an industrial, contemporary feel, the Jacquard series offers the texture of concrete. Terre is available in an oversize straight edge 10-by-40-inch size, and Kronos comes in a 24-by-24-inch size and in 12-by-36-inch grooved plank wall tiles. Jacquard is also available in 24-by-24-inch sizes, along with 2-inch mosaic on 12-by-12-inch sheets. Each line has three color options. 

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