Professional Builder's Forty Under 40 Frequently Asked Questions

September 30, 2019



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Do you want to be part of Professional Builder's Forty Under 40 Class of 2020? Are you interested in nominating one of your employees, colleagues, or your employer for the Forty Under 40 Class of 2020?

Below are Frequently Asked Questions regarding Professional Builder's Forty Under 40 program, on topics including nomination eligibility, required support materials, and the due date for submitting materials. If you have a question that isn't covered below, click here to email us.


Who can be nominated? 

Professional Builder’s Forty Under 40 competition is open to all home building professionals who are under 40 years of age (born AFTER Dec. 31, 1979). Nominees may come from any home building industry-related fields. Nominations, personal statements, and supporting materials must be received by Nov. 25, 2019.

Questions? Contact Denise Dersin at or 703.992.7640.

Note: Individuals who were previously nominated for Professional Builder’s Forty Under 40 competition but not selected are eligible. Individuals previously nominated and who were selected as one of ProBuilder’s Forty Under 40 are not eligible.

Can I nominate myself?

Yes. Don’t be bashful. If you’re under 40 and believe you qualify, feel free to nominate yourself. (IMPORTANT: Nominees must have been born AFTER Dec. 31, 1979, to be eligible.)

Can I nominate more than one person?

Yes. If you feel there are several individuals who deserve consideration, please submit their nominations. There is no limit to the number of submissions you can make, but please note that you’ll need to send supporting materials for all nominated individuals. Click here for the nomination form.

Is there a fee for making a nomination?

No. There is no fee associated with Professional Builder's Forty Under 40 recognition program.

How do I know if my nomination went through? Will I receive a confirmation?

Yes. After submitting your entry information (via the online entry form), you should receive a confirmation email. If you have concerns that your nomination didn't go through, please email Denise Dersin at

Will I be notified if the person I nominate is selected?

No. Professional Builder will only contact the 40 individuals we select for Forty Under 40 recognition, and not the individual who submitted the nomination.

What are the criteria for selecting a Forty Under 40 winner, and how does the selection process work?

Nominations will be judged by the editors of Professional Builder, who will be looking for successful and well-rounded individuals under the age of 40. (IMPORTANT: Nominees must have been born AFTER Dec. 31, 1979, to be eligible.) Some of the qualities and characteristics the editors will be looking for (in no particular order):

·       Leadership skills
·       Productivity
·       Innovation
·       Professional growth and achievement
·       Creative problem-solving
·       Personal integrity
·       Dedication
·       A passion for excellence


What materials do I need to send in support of my nomination(s)? 

A personal statement, a résumé or CV, plus supporting materials that make it easy for judges to see why your nominee is a standout in the home building universe. The brief personal statement should touch on as many of the topics above as possible, as well as these:

·       Technical skills
·       Education
·       Career progress
·       Professional affiliations
·       Community outreach/volunteer work
·       Off-the-clock hobbies and other interesting information that give us a picture of the whole person

For more tips on how to create a good personal statement, see our How to Win Tips Sheet

Additional supporting materials can/should include:

·       Nominee's résumé or CV
·       Descriptions of the nominee's work or projects
·       Newspaper or publication clippings about the nominee
·       Testimonials from clients or others familiar with the nominee's work
·       Awards received

For more tips on how to win, see our How to Win Tips Sheet

When will the Forty Under 40 feature article be published?

The Forty Under 40 feature is scheduled for publication in Professional Builder’s March 2020 issue.

When are materials due?

The personal statement and supporting materials must be received by Nov. 25, 2019. All materials should be sent to: 

Denise Dersin
Editorial Director
Professional Builder

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