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Are you using Facebook to promote your business? If so, that’s a smart move. With over 2.19 billion monthly active users, Facebook remains a hugely popular platform despite the recent outcry against its data collection, sharing and, yes, sales.

According to the Pew Center for Social Media, as of March 2018, 68% of Americans use Facebook, second only to YouTube, of which 73% of Americans are watching. A business presence on Facebook offers great potential reach, but how it actually works can be a little tricky to navigate.


Facebook Reach: A Confusing Metric

Facebook offers page hosts and advertisers metrics through their Page Insights tab. One metric that is often confusing, even by the savviest marketers, is Facebook Total Reach.

Total Reach is defined as the number of people reached by a page during a specific interval. The site currently defines these intervals as either one day, seven days or 28 days. Total reach includes both organic reach as well as additional page views achieved through paid advertising. Organic reach is the total reach minus the paid views.


Does Facebook Page Reach Indicate Engagement?

In a word: No.

Remember that Facebook Total Reach (organic reach or paid reach) measures a post entering a user’s screen. It does not measure whether the user clicked on the post, spent time on your page, or clicked from your page to your website.

Facebook Total Reach is really a starting point for all other metrics. It lets you know that you’re in the game, but you haven’t necessarily won the hearts and minds of your followers yet.

That’s why you need a game plan for maximizing Facebook reach. Building reach is the first step in a multi-step communications process that results in sales, leads and more.


Sponsored Posts: Build Your Brand, Engage Your Customers and Generate Sales

An effective method to build your brand, engage your customers and generate sales is through sponsored posts. Sponsored posts are a form of paid social media advertisement. After establishing your budget and targeted keywords, Facebook promotes your chosen post in the newsfeeds of established customers, as well as newcomers to your brand.

Sponsored posts offer many benefits. Facebook offers excellent reach and targeting, enabling you to focus on specific demographic characteristics or contact information to maximize your advertising budget. They guarantee visibility on the selected audience’s news feeds: anyone who has chosen to follow your company’s page, or who is on your targeted list, will see the post.

Considering the limitations of organic post reach, sponsored posts offer another outlet to support your company’s marketing goals. If you’re new to Facebook advertising, we can help. We offer effective campaigns to maximize Facebook reach through sponsored posts. Keep reading to learn more or contact us today for more information.

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