SoftPlan Systems, Inc.

June 26, 2012
With more than two decades of development, SoftPlan offers a unique and industry leading solution for residential and light commercial design. Maximum automation combines with a short learning curve to create this advanced CAD software that is the industry standard. SoftPlan gives you the ability to draw with fully assembled objects to quickly create complete and accurate construction documents, 3D renderings, elevations, cross sections, framing diagrams, materials lists, cost estimate reports and more. SoftPlan has recently released it's newest version of the program, SoftPlan 2012. This version incorporates a modern multi-document ribbon based interface that makes using SoftPlan easier than ever. SoftPlan?s 3D rendering engine is brand new, multi-core, and seamless to navigate. Now, nearly all drawing and modification tasks can be completed on either the 2D drawing or the 3D model. Building data from within SoftPlan can be integrated directly with REScheck ? the DOE?s Building Energy Codes Program. SoftPlan 2012 includes enhanced libraries consisting of more than 33,000 construction details, manufacturers? symbols, textures and high-quality 3D symbols. SoftPlan 2012 is considered by many to be the most advanced and integrated CAD software in the industry.