Vanities Getting Taller

Bathroom vanities are becoming taller for users' comfort.

By Lindsey Grant | July 31, 2004


This vanity stands 32 inches tall without the mirror. If a bath has just one vanity, 32 inches is a good height to meet the entire family's needs.

Photo courtesy of Vanity Flair

Bathroom vanities are becoming taller for users' comfort. "We're realizing that we have to bend down to interact with the basin," says Diana Schrage, interior designer for the Kohler Design Center.

Many builders are now installing bathroom sinks higher, closer to the height of kitchen sinks, which are usually around 3 feet. The standard for bathroom vanities is 30 inches.

Higher vanities are more comfortable for both men and women. Court Airhart of Airhart Construction says it is common for a master bathroom to include two separate vanities - often at different heights.

If you are building only one vanity, Schrage recommends raising the countertop to 32 inches to accommodate everyone. She also points out that these don't have to be custom jobs - you can easily hang the sink or countertop on the wall or raise the toe kick to a height that is more comfortable.


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