Women at WIRC Podcast: Episode 6

Rachel Brown talks about her evolution into a professional powerhouse through hard work, knowledge building, and staying true to herself

April 23, 2020
Rachel Brown Home Builder for Women in Residential Construction
Rachel Brown, CEO of Rachel Brown Homes

Rachel Brown is the owner and CEO of Rachel Brown Homes, a custom home builder in Huntsville, Ala. Her company was recognized for its high ethical standards by the Better Business Bureau of North Alabama. And fun fact: she was one of the WIRC Speakers for 2019. Speaking of which, you can register for the next WIRC conference now!

Rachel caught our eyes for this podcast with her strong sense of self and a warm, friendly professional style that is unique for the industry. We’ll learn about how she learned to be both feminine and fierce, and succeed even with the odds stacked against her, taking over her father’s business at just 26 after his unexpected death.

Rachel is driven. She’s self-made but a team player. And she isn’t afraid to speak her mind while wearing her favorite shade of lipstick. Later in the episode, Rachel will also share her surprising trick for building confidence and unwinding after a long day at work that will inspire you to get up and move.

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