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As homeowners begin to feel more confident about their home’s value, they are more likely to invest in it

N.J. contractor fined $1 million, banned from state after allegedly deceiving customers

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He allegedly deceived elderly homeowners into buying unnecessary chimney repair and maintenance work. 

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Finding the right home and purchasing it in June was likely as hard as it has ever been for the majority of buyers

Cool roofs cost thousands of extra dollars and limit color options.

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Once a new-home construction permit is secured, it typically takes about six to nine months to complete a residence

Impact fees on development proposed to fund Miami’s rising sea level resiliency plans

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The county plans to spend $400 million to build a system of valves, pumps, and raised roadways to reduce the impact of flooding in the low-lying region.

Trade unions, contractors call for maximum penalty in construction worker death case

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A 22-year-old worker died when an improperly shored-up excavation collapsed at one of the company's job sites.

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Is another bubble about to burst, or is the current rate of home value appreciation less nefarious?

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Baby Boomers are not nearly as excited about low interest rates as Millennials, and for good reason

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The top spots for vacation homes are located primarily in the eastern half of the United States

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Both residential and commercial projects are subject to the tax, which is expected to raise $8 million a year to fund affordable housing initiatives.

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As Baby Boomers age and birthrates continue to remain low, a major demographic shift is about to take place

San Diego reaches cap on amount utilities have to buy back solar-generated power

Solar panels in San Diego. Photo: Mike Gifford/Creative Commons.

San Diego Gas and Electric will impose new charges on homeowners with PVs that are estimated to add an extra $115 a year over the 20-year life of a residential installation.

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Beyond being located in an ideal vacation spot, a second home should offer strong home value gains and have good rental income potential

New York City residents part of ‘clean virtual power plant’ experiment

The Bay Bridge neighborhood in Brooklyn. Photo: Eric R. Bechtold/Wikimedia Commons.

A $15 million pilot program offers rooftop PV panels plus a lithium-ion battery to more than 300 homeowners.

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Irvine Ranch and three other Orange County communities combine for 24 percent of all home sales in the top 20 planned communities across the country


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