First-Time Buyers Have 32 Percent Share of August Sales

The NAR says current economic conditions are favorable for first-time buyers.

Doug Yearley: Housing Recovery May Take Longer

The CEO described the recovery as in the “fourth or fifth inning”

AIA Presents Home Design Trends Survey in a New, Interactive Way

Charts and graphs show what home features are emerging as trends this year

Ben’s Barn
Designer Name and Firm: Josh Brockman of Caleb Johnson Architects and Builders
Location: Kennebunk, Maine

The owner’s goal was to create a lifetime family home using salvaged materials from an antique farmhouse and barn that had stood on another portion of the site. The timber roof structure, as well as interior wood cladding, and interior doors were salvaged from that house, while sustainable new materials (Maine cedar, hemlock timber and steel) and salvaged cabinetry and fixtures from a mid-century-modern teardown were interwoven to create a modern house with a strong connection to the past. 

The competition honored seven exemplary houses, including a People’s Choice Winner. 

One columnist and housing analyst says the accepted creation myth of early homebuilding is “conveniently forgetful about what actually happened in the past.”

U.S. housing was affordable despite increasing prices nationwide

North Dakota Faces Real Estate Crisis

Too few residents can afford the homes that were built during North Dakota’s oil boom

Houses in Seattle's Pigeon Point neighborhood. The city could see a slow down in home-price appreciation if the Federal Reserve raises benchmark interest rates. Photo: Joe Mabel/Wikimedia Commons.

If the policy is enacted, slower home-price appreciation will result.


Photo: Mark Moz/Flickr

Half of major metros are seeing increasing sales thanks to a rebound in the share of all-cash purchases, and a growing share of FHA buyers

Better working conditions outside the U.S., as well as restrictive immigration policies, are hurting the labor supply

Southwestern U.S. Cities Still Await Recovery

Five major cities in Arizona and four in Nevada recovered the least since the recession

Rates Remain Low for Now, Fed Announces

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

At the end of 2015, rates are expected to remain around 0 to 0.25 percent

Multigenerational housing is trending. These houses have guest bedrooms and suites, with both younger and older generations in mind.

Trio Environments worked on The Overlook at Wheatlands, in Aurora, Colo., by Elacora


The living and dining spaces at The Overlook at Wheatlands, in Aurora, Colo., by Elacora, address upwardly mobile, suburban preferences, demonstrating the strong appeal of a lock-and-leave lifestyle.

Harris' company, Trio Environments, uses a combination of market research and merchandising to appeal to consumers' lifestyle aspirations

Among all cities with a population of 20,000 to 350,000, Rochester, Minn., takes first place

Countryside Bend won gold in this year's PB Design Awards. Photo: Chris Cooper.

When a builder lives in the homes he creates, it allows for more risk taking. It also results in homes that sell faster. 


Building Science: HP+ Wall System
Building Science: Durability
Reduce Installation Time with James Hardie® Insulated Lap Siding and Trim
Building Science: HP+ Wall System
Builder Tim O’Brien takes Adam Grubb to a home under construction to get an inside look of how the building envelope is created using the BASF’s trademarked high performance (HP+) wall system.

September 2015

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Harris' company, Trio Environments, uses a combination of market research and merchandising to appeal to consumers' lifestyle aspirations

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