Fannie and Freddie to Raise Loan Limits in 29 Costly Counties

Affected counties can be found from Washington to Massachusetts

Home Prices Still Years Away from Peak

Home prices are growing about twice the rate of wages, but are still 17 years away from peak levels seen in 2006

High Share of Millennials Living With Parents Might Be the New Normal

Housing economist Jed Kolko says the entire increase in young adults living with their parents can be explained in demographic shifts

How Will the Fed’s Rate Hike Affect Home Value Growth?

One housing expert says the rate hike can spur home value declines in coastal markets like Seattle and San Francisco

Midwestern Cities Have the Highest Credit Scores

The top three in Experian’s list of cities with the highest average credit scores are in Minnesota

Most ZIP Codes with Good Schools Are Unaffordable

The best public schools in the country are in California’s priciest places

Buyers Will Pay a Premium to Avoid Long Commutes

Photo: Ryan/Flickr

A new study finds out why the wealthy have been returning to city centers

Some lenders feel more secure when affluent relatives co-sign

Slower Growth Predicted for Housing Market in 2016

High prices will exclude many first-time buyers from entering the market

Wikimedia Commons

Mortgage payments for the typical Denver Millennial household can become affordable within 33 months

Builders Respond to Resurgence of Multi-Generation Living

Photo: Jesse Davis/Flickr

Lennar and KB Home are among builders building homes for multiple generations

The Typical First-Time Homebuyer Is Evolving

Wikimedia Commons

Today’s average first-time buyers are quite different from their early 2000s counterparts

Survey Explores Why People Live Where They Do

A detailed study looks at why Brits chose to live where they do, broken down by age and urban/suburban/rural

Urban and suburban infill

The St. George homes from Larry Garnett.

Infill opportunities extend beyond vacant city lots. Here are some smart ways to take advantage

Builders and architects plan to certify more high-performance homes, but there‘s a limit as to how green they will go.

Builders used energy-efficient windows in 90 percent of their projects. Photo: Scott Schram/Creative Commons.

Builders and architects plan to certify more high-performance homes, but there‘s a limit as to how green they will go.

Builders are short on workers, and that's in part due to immigration trends.


Building Science: HP+ Wall System
Building Science: Durability
Reduce Installation Time with James Hardie® Insulated Lap Siding and Trim
Building Science: HP+ Wall System
Builder Tim O’Brien takes Adam Grubb to a home under construction to get an inside look of how the building envelope is created using the BASF’s trademarked high performance (HP+) wall system.

November 2015

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