The National Labor Relations Board could consider them "joint employees"

Houses in San Francisco

Victorian Houses in San Francisco. Photo: Giuliana Miranda/Creative Commons

Listings are viewed more and houses spend less time on the market in the Bay Area and other trending metros

A study found that 93 percent of 75.3 million Millennials want to own a home in the near future

Photo: gas999/Flickr

Homes are starting to stay on the market longer than two months, shifting to a buyer’s market

Money Magazine Ranks 50 Best U.S. Small Cities

Good jobs and a charming downtown help get towns on the list

Photo: Ruth Hartnup/Flickr

Outside magazine ranks the best towns to live, work, run, sail, climb, and paddle

The NAR says first-time buyers aren’t the ones snatching up homes

The award-winning homes are larger spaces that appeal to different, specific types of buyers.

Boomerang Buyers to Make a Roaring Comeback

Out of the 7.3 million homeowners who went through foreclosure or short sales during the bust, about 700,000 are projected to reenter the market this year

Seniors Drive Uptick in Household Formation

Photo: Garry Knight/Flickr

Two-thirds of all households created last year were by Americans between 65 and 74 years old

These homes split the middle in terms of size, making them attractive options for people who are moving up or sizing down

The products that interest builders most, chosen by you, the readers

House Review: Starter Homes

EDI International's Starter Home. Courtesy of EDI International

First-time buyers are a varied lot. Here’s how to deliver to this diverse pool.

Photo: James Willamor/Flickr

It all starts with leading by example

The most popular brands for builders

Photo: Andersen Windows/Creative Commons

For decades, Home Innovation Research Labs has been polling builders nationwide about which products they most rely upon. Now, the results are available to you.

Buyers Seek Curb Appeal, Low Maintenance for Exterior Material and Design

Photo: ntm1909/Creative Commons

Brick, stone and vinyl sidings help to create a first impression


Building Science: HP+ Wall System
Building Science: Durability
Reduce Installation Time with James Hardie® Insulated Lap Siding and Trim
Building Science: HP+ Wall System
Builder Tim O’Brien takes Adam Grubb to a home under construction to get an inside look of how the building envelope is created using the BASF’s trademarked high performance (HP+) wall system.

August 2015

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Energy-efficient homes require careful attention to indoor air quality.

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