The Oasis kitchen from The Evans Group

Photo: courtesy The Evans Group

The kitchen as focal point lives on, with increased emphasis on islands and pantries.

Americans Think Real Estate Is the Best Investment, Survey Finds

Experts say investors get more peace of mind from the tangible aspects of real estate compared to stocks and bonds

Fix the Lead Paint Rule, NAHB Tells EPA

Photo: Abby Lanes, Creative Commons

The lack of a reliable lead paint test kit continues to have potentially disastrous consequences for homeowners

How builders can play the land game to their advantage

There’s more than one way to improve your position

Like New Urbanism, Lean Urbanism could benefit builders

Photo: M.Fitzsimmons, Wikimedia Commons

Andrés Duany, designer of the influential Seaside neighborhood, has a new vision

The three biggest mistakes in sales and marketing for home builders

There’s a lot to learn from a marketing exec who speaks openly about past blunders

Condo Construction, Housing Market, Housing, Homes, California

Construction of One Rincon Hill in San Francisco, 2006. Photo: Armin van Buuren, Wikimedia Commons

The Wall Street Journal argues that the lack of condos, which can serve as entry-level housing, is a missed opportunity in the housing recovery

House Review: On The Boards

Photo: The Eastwood Residence is one of the projects featured this month

An annual peek at what members of our design team have been working on this year

What Buyers Look Forward to in a New Home

Photo courtesy of Lennar via

The feeling of being rooted and an opportunity to build equity are among what most respondents say made them buy a home

Photo: Home buyers use a variety of online tools through their smartphones and tablets when searching for a house. Blake Patterson, Wikimedia Commons.

This year's Home Buyer Conversion Report helps builders use technology effectively to draw customers, close deals, and sell homes

The homes at NorthSky at RidgeGate, in Lone Tree, Colo.

The homes at NorthSky at RidgeGate, in Lone Tree, Colo., have a mid-century modern vibe that attracts boomers as well as Millennials. Photo: Eric Lucero Photography

Since Seaside opened in Fort Walton Beach, Fla., in 1980, hundreds of new New Urbanist-inspired neighborhoods have emerged in the United States

The 12 processes that must be addressed by every builder

Photo: cocoparisienne, Creative Commons

Establishing sound business systems that ensure a healthy bottom line

6 Things June’s Housing Starts Tell Us

Trulia’s Chief Economist Selma Hepp says 2015 may be the best year for housing

Home Builders Rush to Put up Rental Units

Construction of multifamily rental units are highest since 1987

Sales are picking up pace, but lack of lots and labor is a cause for concern

Homeowners with hands covered in flour in the kitchen can ask Amazon Echo’s Alexa to brighten the lights


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