5 design concepts to spark new-home sales

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Professional Builder’s House Review collaborative presents five design solutions that can help production home builders sell more homes in the recovering market.

5 design concepts to spark new-home sales

5 design concepts to spark new-home sales

July 02, 2012

4. Acadia


Todd Hallett, AIA, CAPS

TK Design and Architecture






Living area: 3,335 sf

Porches: 80 sf

Width: 34 feet; depth: 98 feet


Area: 706 sf

Width: 34 feet; depth: 22 feet

This issue we ask the question: Can good design kick-start home building? I say no. My view is that good design will act as an accelerant for home building. Too many factors play into kick-starting the industry — economy, financing, and consumer confidence, to name a few. However, great design to the home-building recovery is like nitrous oxide to race cars — it will not start the car, but it will sure help it get down the track.

An often overlooked component to great design is building cost. Still wary of the housing bubble, consumers will not stretch as much on pricing. In order to combat this fact, homes should not only be current, attractive, and well-planned, they should also be designed Lean. Lean design is about creatively maximizing marketability that applies to every price point. Eliminate construction waste and use that cost savings to add amenities, upgrade material, and drop the sales price, or all of the above. So rev it up and spray on the nitrous by developing exciting, creative homes that are not available in the existing-home market. It may not be a kick-start, but it will be a great start.



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