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Often times homeowners can benefit from a changing neighborhood

The Public Policy Library, a new interactive platform, provides green building-related and LEED-specific policies

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In December, new home permits rose 10.7 percent from the year before

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Survey finds that sales growth is expected to reach 7.6 percent or better

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Although energy efficiency upgrades can produce energy cost savings, it can be a challenge to fund the upfront cost of these projects

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Smaller communities in Wyoming, Massachusetts, and Washington are having problems creating affordable housing

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Forbes named 20 cities where the average home prices are expected to rise by at least 17 percent by 2020

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Ohio Gov. John Kasich vetoed a house bill that would have extended a freeze on the state's clean energy standards

The rate of failed sales increased to 4.3 percent from 1.4 percent from Q4 2014 to Q4 2016, and starter homes have the highest rate of broken deals

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A Home Energy Score provides homeowners with information about their home’s energy performance and recommends improvement projects that can save energy and lower utility bills

Homeowners can use programs such as PACE and HERO to afford new advancements in air conditioning, fenestration, and appliances

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Housing production statewide has been more than 100,000 new homes short of demand annually over the last decade


Creating Luxury Unbound by Time

See how the designers of the 2016 Sunset Idea House combined Artisan® siding’s traditional profiles to achieve a modern aesthetic.


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Inside The Home Depot Pro: Savings

In the first part of this exclusive series, we take an inside look at The Home Depot’s Pro Services and how they are designed for convenience and saving customers money. See how joining Pro Xtra can help pros grow their business with perks such as purchase tracking, exclusive offers, and other business tools.

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In the second part of this exclusive series, we learn more about the systems used by The Home Depot’s Pro Services that focus on making customers more productive and more profitable. Discover how tools such as Text2Confirm help get pros in and out quickly, so they can get back to work as soon as possible.

Inside The Home Depot Pro: Dedicated Support

In the final part of this exclusive series, we see how The Home Depot’s personalized service for pros sets them apart from the competition. With The Home Depot Pro Services, relationships with customers are taken to the next level and a great amount of pride and care go into providing the best solutions available.

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The trade shortage gets worse before it gets better

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