New Home Sales

October 08, 2014

The Bokka Group’s annual survey of homebuyer preferences sheds light on how builders can make better use of digital sales tools to turn prospects into customers.

September 11, 2014

For many builders, business is good if not excellent. When that is the case, the possibility that success can lead to complacency becomes more prevalent.

August 19, 2014

Like the popular television shows “Survivor” and “American Idol,” this recruiting process will eliminate potential salespeople along the way until the outstanding winners remain.

July 08, 2014

Now more than ever, it's critical to measure, evaluate, and improve your sales process.

July 02, 2014

Staying focused at mid-game

May 09, 2014

A hybrid approach to managing sales with Realtors can bring more focus and closings for your new homes.

April 29, 2014

Practice makes perfect, and simulated selling helps your salespeople show what they know.

Matt Ivey, co-owner, Ivey Homes, Evans, Ga.

April 21, 2014

Matt Ivey shares how Ivey Homes found a successful medium between in-house sales and outsourcing.

August 26, 2013

Smaller-scale infill designs are not just for well-established urban areas anymore.

September 20, 2013

Professional Builder's House Review design team shows how small details added to a stairway landing, hallway, foyer, or porch can be the special touch that transforms a house into a home.


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