Planning for Success

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Keeping quality people is key to long-term success, but few of the builders who do succession planning go beyond the most senior-level positions.

December 01, 2003
Bob Piper, Principal, The Talon Group


The lack of succession planning in the home building industry amazes me. Few of the builders who do it go beyond the most senior-level positions. Quality people are in short supply in our industry, so keeping them is key to long-term success.

Things to consider:

  • Share your plan with your people so they understand your vision and expectations.
  • Have a handle on each employee's strengths and developmental needs and share it with each one.
  • Realize that some employees are content in their current role. Every company has core associates who enjoy doing a good job as salespeople, customer service representatives or superintendents.
  • Anticipate. Changes at the top typically create changes down the line. Be prepared for the ripple effect.
  • Adapt. A succession plan is a work in progress. Things change, people change, situations change.
  • People stay where they feel appreciated, are paid fairly and have a sense of purpose. The time to make them feel special and important is now.

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