ProBuilder Product Report: Insulation and Housewrap

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Included from the May 2007 edition of Professional Builder magazine are products to keep houses dry during construction and warm during those cold winter months.

May 01, 2007


Accelerated Building Technologies

Integrating light-gauge steel and EPS, the 3E Wall System consolidates the wall framing, sheathing, insulation and housewrap into one building component. According to Accelerated Building Technologies, the system is 100 percent recyclable, and the walls built will remain straight without shrinking and bending. The system is also a LEED point contributor. For FREE information, visit


Benjamin Obdyke

Combining a rain screen and housewrap, the Home Slicker 10 Plus Typar by Benjamin Obdyke was created to meet changing building codes in Canada. The system eliminates moisture by creating a pressure-equalized air space behind the exterior cladding in addition to using its water barrier. For FREE information, visit 



Designed to make waterproofing applications and on-site cleanup easier, the TW-60 Sheet Waterproofing Membrane from TAMKO is a flexible, self-adhering membrane for foundation walls, tunnels and other below-grade waterproofing jobs. It features a polymer film on its surface and modified formula. For FREE information, visit


Protecto Wrap

The BT25XL Building Tape is a self-adhering air/vapor barrier and waterproofing membrane for vertical and horizontal above-grade substrates. BT25XL seals window perimeters to building materials to create, according to the company, an impenetrable barrier. For FREE information, visit 


BioBased Insulation

Following the Open Cell 501 polyurethane spray foam, the 1701 water-blown, closed-cell insulation from BioBased uses soy products in place of petroleum derivatives. According to the company, the product uses about two acres of soybeans to insulate a typical 2,500 square-foot house. The insulation adheres to nearly any surface and will not shrink, settle or disintegrate. For FREE information, visit

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