Flooding from Hurricane Matthew. Photo: Chris Rehak/Creative Commons

Florida enacted stricter building codes over the last few decades after Hurricane Andrew, which helped mitigate damage from a major storm this month

Photo: Jericho/Wikimedia Commons

The city boasts a healthy job market, high-paying jobs, and surging property values

Photo: Tony Webster/Creative Commons

This translates to 841 million metric tons of avoided CO2 emissions

A room painted in Poised Taupe, which was named 2017 Color of the Year by Sherwin-Williams. Photo: Sherwin-Williams.

Sherwin-Williams picked Poised Taupe and Benjamin Moore went with Shadow


Photo: רנדום/Wikimedia Commons

Other common workplace safety violations involved ladders, powered industrial trucks, and electrical wiring

Photo: SanjibLemar/Wikimedia Commons

LGI Homes targets renters who may be looking to buy, and the company expects 24 percent growth in new developments

Photo: Virginia Hill/Creative Commons

More than 100 people live in vehicles parked on the streets of Mountain View, Calif., where a city ordinance requires them to move every 72 hours

Photo: Pixabay

San Diego, Boston, and Los Angeles have set lofty goals but haven’t made good on those ambitions in the past

Photo: Paul Sableman/Creative Commons

Suction pressures and strain on roof edges and structural joints can lead to wind and water damage

Photo: Pixabay

Half of all buyers are under 36, and nearly half of young homeowners live in the suburbs

Hurricane Matthew caused flooding in North Charleston, S.C. in October 2016. Photo: North Charleston/Creative Commons.

Georgia and South Carolina are seeing more requests for new window installation and work on tile roofs

Photo: respres/Wikimedia Commons

The decline could he the "final nail in the coffin" of the foreclosure crisis

Photo: isvend09/Creative Commons

A retired married couple can cover their expenses with Social Security in two-thirds of U.S. metros


Photo: Pixabay

California and Massachusetts are the most energy efficient states, according to the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy

Aurora, Ill., a suburb of Chicago. Photo: Center for Neighborhood Technology/Creative Commons

Millennials and Baby Boomers will reshape suburbs in the coming years


Tulikivi fireplaces provide radiant heat for living and cooking

As beautiful as they are practical, Tulikivi fireplaces harness the natural heat-retaining, safe-to-the-touch properties of soapstone. Surpassing the toughest emissions standards, Tulikivi’s customizable fireplaces provide efficient, low-energy living.   


Eliminate the Need for House Wrap

The ForceField® Air & Water Barrier System creates a code-compliant, integrated system that eliminates the need for house wrap.

Introducing Icynene ProSeal – An ultra-low closed cell SPF innovation

Featuring a high insulating R-value, ultra-low VOC spray foam innovation, Icynene ProSeal sets a benchmark for high-performance closed-cell spray foam insulation.

Building Science: Testing and Supervision

Part 3 of a 3-part series, this video takes us inside the testing and quality control of LP® SmartSide® engineered wood trim and siding.

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