May 26, 2015

A beautiful, high-performance floor starts with what you can’t see—a stable floor frame and subfloor underneath. Simple installation mistakes can lead to squeaky floors or damaged finishes, along with the cost and hassle of associated callbacks.

April 24, 2015

Above: Squash blocks installed to support load from above. Right: Load from above without squash blocks or blocking panels caused this web to buckle. Blocking panels should have also been used to provide lateral support to the joist ends.


April 24, 2015

If the Boomers were a tidal wave, the Millennials are a tsunami—there are 92 million of them, compared with 77 million Boomers.

April 24, 2015

Engineered to provide strength and consistency, Weyerhaeuser’s Trus Joist® TJI® joists are one of the most fundamental components of a solid, high-performance floor system.

April 24, 2015

When designing a wood-framed floor system for residential projects, building to meet the applicable codes is only one step in the design process. Having met code requirements, there is an array of choices a designer must consider that impact the day-to-day use of the floor.

April 24, 2015

Design trends come and go, but one change that’s likely permanent is homebuyers’ desire for more open floor plans that provide a better space for entertaining, encourage interaction, and open up interior rooms to more natural light.

April 24, 2015

When the clouds cleared and the waves subsided following Superstorm Sandy in October 2012, the Santos family found itself picking up the pieces alongside many of its Point Pleasant, N.J., neighbors.

April 24, 2015

Last year, nearly 30 percent of new homes in the U.S. had partial or full basements, according to the Census Bureau’s Survey of Construction. The heaviest concentration continues to be in the Northeast and Midwest, where more than 70 percent of new homes were built atop basements.

April 20, 2015

Now that the U.S. Department of Energy’s new residential water heater regulations are in effect, it’s important to understand the new challenges builders and remodelers may be facing. The U.S.

April 10, 2015

A few months ago, the U.S. Geological Survey released its latest five-year data on U.S.

March 27, 2015

If properly applied, top-quality exterior paint should last for up to 15 to 20 years. March marks the start of spring, a time when homeowners look to increase curb appeal and repair any damage done to the exterior of their homes from winter weather.

March 23, 2015

Spring is here, and work is picking up as the weather warms. The Home Depot is kicking off the spring season with its first quarterly Pro Appreciation Event of 2015, including seven days of exclusive savings on tools from well-known brands like DeWalt, Makita and Milwaukee.

March 11, 2015

Ever since the harrowing movie The

March 09, 2015

With warm weather approaching, upgrades and enhancements to outdoor spaces are top of mind, especially considering that 85 percent of single-family homes in the United States include a porch, deck or some kind of outdoor living area, according to USA Today.

March 05, 2015

Ever since the housing industry started making its very tentative way back after the end of the Great Recession, there’s been a great deal of hand-wringing about the dearth of young people joining its ranks. And for good reason.

October 04, 2014

I have a talent for stating the obvious, so I might as well tell you right now that when I visit a well-designed community, it just feels right.

March 04, 2015

I sang the praises of Grass Valley, Calif., in an earlier blog, so I might as well give up my secret: my wife and I are planning to move there.

March 02, 2015

Tools and technologies are introduced every day that can help you do your job more efficiently. From new inventions to subtle enhancements, here are several innovative products that will help you save time and money.


February 25, 2015
Many winterization jobs are simple enough to add into your scope without adding substantial time or cost to ongoing jobs, and a few simple upgrades to your toolbox can help you knock it out even more quickly and effectively.


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