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Many people today still see quality as being about 'incremental improvement' rather than innovation and fast dynamic change and particularly those focusing on six sigma tend to see it as being abou

This short video wonderfully highlights key quality issues that impact the Cost of Quality and avoid risk.

Netflix loses 60% of its market and RIM (Blackberry) also loses over 50% of its market, not a great year for what had been some of the strongest companies.

Learning from the past and planning for the future.

A new study (by Yahoo Real Estate, Dec 9th 2011) finds that the American Dream is still to own a home and the top issue for that dream is that it is a green, energy-efficient home built

Quality, criteria and requirements apply everywhere even when considering tablets, hardware and software.

Overall requirements to consider:


PB Builder of the Year DSLD shows how powerful and central the basics are.

What and where do I start to improve? This is a common question and while we need to balance the cost and impact to identify the real bang for the buck let’s start with the basics.

A UK study of those using the ISO9001 Quality Management System in the construction industry had a number of interesting findings that provide key lessons.

Often the main block to creativity is actually a mental block. Thoughts or comments such as these can stop creativity in its tracks.


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