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A hotspot is a recurring problem, by focusing on the top ranking hotspot with corrective and preventive action they can be reduced or eliminated allowing you to move to addressing the next ranking

Here are some interesting results from a 2011 survey by the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program. 

When we talk about sustainable home building we focus on energy efficiency and green.

The SMART acronym is an excellent way to evaluate your goals and objectives.

Disorganized and untidy job sites are covered with destroyed or damaged materials, reflect chaos between trades, reduce productivity and send the message to those homeowners beside and near your ho

We spend a lot of time and effort training our teams and developing them in our culture and so the retention and ongoing development of our talent is critical.

The construction industry dramatically impacts the environment, with buildings consuming 17 percent of the world’s fresh water, 25 percent of its wood harvest, and 40 percent of its material and en

It might not be exciting, it might be work, but a key to a successful builder and home is a strong set of Scopes of Work. Scopes ensure clear communication of what is needed by each trade.

I am not a car nor am I a piece of meat, so please don’t service or process me, I am a customer! But those terms and attitudes still exist.

How well are your values, policies and strategic drivers deployed within your organization?


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