Quality Management

Blogs related to Quality Management in Professional Home Building and Remodeling Business.

I have personally seen organizations that have used initiatives to drive service excellence and have created for example 98% customer satisfaction as a result.

$50k which was to be transferred from one business account to another was not actually completed.

While Quality tools and techniques have been around for a long time and proven their worth I still see and hear situations that amaze me.

5W2H stands for 5 Ws and 2Hs or Who, What, When, Where, Whey How and How much.

Yes we are making lists again!

Make two lists.

In one list the elements of company cultures that you have experienced and liked.

“It is leadership, that recognizes that structure and goals are not effective without the corresponding tactics and that neither will generate strong and positive business results without effective

Forming, storming, norming and performing are the four key stages in team formation.

“Management has to give direction to the institution it manages.

One of Demings ‘Seven Deadly Diseases’ is ‘The Emphasis on Short-Term Profits’ and therefore on short term thinking.

Here is a simple exercise to help you reflect on your leadership.


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