10 Cities With Rapid Population And Economic Growth

December 15, 2016

Not many people are relocating to Orem, Utah, yet. This year the city of 91,000 experienced a 9.9 percent housing growth rate and a 7.6 percent bump in GDP growth. New residential and commercial development projects will benefit the local economy.

SmartAsset named Orem one of America’s best boomtowns, based on factors like housing growth, GDP growth, unemployment, and net migration.

Other cities on the list include Bismarck, N.D., Bend, Ore., Cary, N.C., and Kissimmee, Fla.

Oil towns no longer dominate this list. As oil prices have plummeted, many oil towns that were once economic strongholds are struggling to stay afloat. But in cities like Midland, Texas and Bismarck, North Dakota our data indicates that the tide may be turning.

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