Homes in the Bushrod neighborhood of Oakland

Homes in the Bushrod neighborhood of Oakland. Photo: Sharon Hahn Darlin/Creative Commons

Redfin followed up on its February predictions of the neighborhoods that were expected to have the fastest growth in home values

Homes in Cleveland

Photo: Tim Evanson/Creative Commons

Prices reached $255,600, up 10.1 percent from the first quarter

Houses being built

Photo: paulbr75/Pixabay

Three Texas markets are expected to build 130,000 homes this year, more than 50 other large metros combined

Photo: sasint/Pixabay

Surgeons, who earn $252,000 a year on average, can save $55,000 for a down payment in only 2.2 years

people building a house

Photo: Robbin Cresswell

Undergraduate enrollment in construction trade programs has grown 26 percent since last year

Homes in San Jose, Calif.

Homes in San Jose, Calif. Photo: Travis Wise/Creative Commons

Households need to earn at least six figures to even think of living comfortably in Los Angeles or San Francisco

key for new house

Around 77 percent of wealthy households own their own homes, compared to only 34.9 percent of poor households

Photo: paulbr75/Pixabay

If buyers want a bigger house, they should look toward smaller cities in the South and Midwest

Existing house in California

Photo: David Sawyer/Wikimedia Commons

The older generations own more than half of the nation’s homes

house with veranda

Photo: kirkandmimi/Pixabay

Florence, S.C., ranked first, followed by Macon, Ga., Lake Havasu City, Ariz., Vero Beach, Fla., and Texarkana, Texas

3d printing shape

Photo: Jonathan Juursema/Wikimedia Commons

3D printing industry implements new standards, UpCodes launches new codes compliance app, builders shooting for Zero Net Energy status brace for legal risks

Shaw Residence, from Alys Beach Construction

Shaw Residence, from Alys Beach Construction, the winner of the Aurora Award for best single-family detached home between 3,500 and 3,999 square feet

Winners were named in categories including single-family homes, custom homes, multifamily projects, kitchen and bath design, interior detailing, and interior merchandising

tesla powerwall batteries

Tesla Powerwall batteries at the 2017 New American Home

Homeowners can avoid paying peak electricity prices with a home battery

McDonald's recently moved its corporate headquarters from suburban Oak Brook, Ill., to the West Loop in Chicago

McDonald's recently moved its corporate headquarters from suburban Oak Brook, Ill., to the West Loop in Chicago. Photo: Rob LaRosa/Wikimedia Commons

A recent report found that 245 companies of various sizes relocated from a suburban area

house in houston

New construction in Houston. Photo: sandrafdzh/Pixabay

CoreLogic found that the markets are overvalued


The Tale of Three Canoes

Astonishing test of waterproofing materials takes ASTM D779 out of the lab and into Lake Tahoe.

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