It’s quick and inexpensive, and it’s the largest advertising game changer since Google. Here’s a crash course for home builders

Outdoor mall in Boulder, Colo. Photo: Ken Lund/Creative Commons

Boulder has seen a 314 percent increase in home price growth over the last 25 years, while Austin has seen a 267 percent change

Photo: Patsy Lynch/Wikimedia Commons

Impostors impersonate Kansas roofing company employees, home collapse traps three workers, and Standards ASCE/SEI 7-16 has been updated

Someone is stealing from your business, eroding your margins, and beating up your bottom line. Beware: Bandits remain at large

Agrihoods—communities centered around working farms—are attracting homebuyers with a keen interest in fresh, local food

Photo: Pixabay

The average borrower can save $260 a month, and around 700,000 borrowers can save more than $400 a month

Mexican Independence Day parade in Minneapolis, Minn. Photo: Fibonacci Blue/Creative Commons

The Hispanic population rose in all the 100 major metros other than San Francisco and San Jose

Photo: Pixabay

The new construction will eliminate the equivalent of nearly 78,000 tons of CO2 emissions each year

Photo: Fundrise

Public investors can buy $1,000 worth of shares that will be used to build new homes in walkable urban neighborhoods

Photo: Pixabay

Factory OS will build 300 prefabricated homes which will be used as temporary housing for Google employees

Photo: Pixabay

Home prices have boomed in several major Western markets and declined in dozens of Midwestern and Southern counties

Redwood City, Calif., offers the best value for buyers who want to move to the San Francisco area. Photo: Coolcaesar/Wikimedia Commons

Homes in these places may not be cheap, but they are relatively affordable and offer quality schools, low crime, short commutes, and nice restaurants

Photo: Pixabay

Women and minorities have a new way to get into the construction trades

Peña Station Next. Photo: L.C. Fulenwider Inc.

Technologically advanced communities are popping up in South Korea, India, and Denver

Photo: Pixabay

A new timber guide has been released, two green building organizations announce a partnership, and Florida launches new code for blower door rating test


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It’s quick and inexpensive, and it’s the largest advertising game...

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