Tampa, Fla. Photo: Jared/Creative Commons

Other healthy markets include Dallas, Las Vegas, Jacksonville, and Columbus, Ohio

Courtesy of Great Southern Homes

The South Carolina builder was expanding product and into new geographic markets when most of the industry was dailing back and catering to a niche.

Courtesy of Aquascape, St. Charles, Ill.

The home building community shares insights abut using outdoor living features to help market and sell new homes.

Streamlined and personalized looks favor practical storage, open layouts, and considerations for aging in place

Palm Harbor Homes used a popular plan to fashion a home that will appeal to millennial buyers who love to gather with friends and family, and entertain

Professional Builder’s Show Village homes offered ideas for Millennials and Boomers and kitchens and baths, plus easy-to-use smart home technology

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An extensive review of the “Waters of the United States” definition may change the stormwater and wetlands permitting processes

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The monthly mortgage payment for the typical U.S. home was $758 as of the end of last year

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Compared with 2015, the previous record year for both metrics, total sales increased 4.6 percent and the median price rose 7.7 percent

Remodeled kitchen. Photo: Pixabay

Growth in remodeling spending will be driven by older homeowners who make upgrades to age in place

Successful mixed-use projects provide housing, retail, and other amenities that energize the surrounding neighborhood

Albany, N.Y. Photo: UpstateNYer/Wikimedia Commons

Popular places for young adults range from Seattle to Buffalo, N.Y.

Honolulu. Photo: Pixabay

A recent report found that adoption of the 2015 IECC would lead to about 21 percent energy cost savings for residential buildings

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The U.S. is overdue for immigration reform, and it's time for builders to step up and play a leading role in that movement 

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People who own homes are faring well financially and aren’t motivated to sell

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Builders believe that raising energy efficiency standards will lead to higher home prices


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The U.S. is overdue for immigration reform, and it's time for builders to step up and play a leading role in that movement 

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