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The number of renters across the nation rose to 43.3 million in 2016, up from from 34.6 million a decade ago

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Rising labor and material costs, along with continued sales strength across multiple buyer segments, are among the reasons why builders have pumped up their prices

Spare bedroom that could be rented out by Baby Boomers for Millennials

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Many Baby Boomers with an empty nest can earn extra income by taking in a Millennial looking for an affordable place to live

Paterson, N.J., is the nation's sixth-least affordable housing market. Photo: BJT11091/Wikimedia Commons

Renters and homeowners in Passaic, N.J., each spend more than half of their income on monthly housing costs

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People who earn minimum wage can see at least half of their monthly earnings consumed by the cost of housing.

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Aging Baby Boomers, maturing Millennials, and people who have finally rebounded from previous foreclosures don't need luxury houses

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One-third of homeowners wish they had bought a larger home

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Businesses in the state attracted $1.6 billion in venture capital and had its economy grow 3.7 percent last year

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The cities listed span the country’s geography and show the variety in housing prices between areas: the median monthly payment in Dallas is $1,260, while the median in San Jose is $5,790.

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Net Zero Energy program has a new name, rooftop solar panels found to be a benefit to the grid, and net-zero home building increases by 33 percent

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Homes near public transit stops can fetch premiums of up to 32 percent

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The state is expected to have 96,000 vacant construction jobs by 2025, a 38 percent increase from today

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Prices are expected to appreciate 5.3 percent over the next 12 months

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Most of the people who shopped for a mortgage in the first quarter were first-time buyers

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Lack of energy efficiency stems from flawed modeling, states offer programs that minimize disaster damage, AAMA releases new document on aluminum fenestration


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