New house can't be bought with 1 percent down payment

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Lenders will no longer be allowed to contribute gifts or grants to meet the 3 percent requirement


Ashton Woods launched Starlight Homes to target entry-level home buyers with monthly mortgage payments ranging from the high $700s to the low $1,000s.

Revive, in Fort Collins, Colo., by Philgreen Construction and Revive Properties

Revive, in Fort Collins, Colo., by Philgreen Construction and Revive Properties. Photos: Courtesy Philgreen Construction

These U.S. Department of Energy Housing Innovation Awards winners show that small-scale multifamily is making big-time strides

A kitchen with new appliances and furnishings

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Buyers of new homes spend more on appliances, furnishings, and home improvement projects than the typical homeowner

The Santa Rosa from EDI International

The Santa Rosa from EDI International

For single-family builders that haven’t yet ventured into multi, these designs offer an approachable introduction


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Each variance purchase order is a failure, for everyone. It’s lose, lose, lose—for the builder, the supplier or trade, and for the customer

Professionals chatting

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The mismatch has resulted in rising rents and longer commutes

Toll Brothers customers try the new Kitchen 360 program

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Customers can customize and tour their ideal kitchens with Kitchen 360

Stacks of building lumber

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Builders and architects share what they want from supplier relationships and which attributes would make them consider using a new product

A house built by California Polytechnic State University at Solar Decathlon 2015

A house built by California Polytechnic State University at Solar Decathlon 2015. Photo: Thomas Kelsey/U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon

Twelve collegiate teams will compete in 10 contests that evaluate factors including water use, energy efficiency, design cost-effectiveness, innovation, and market potential

Light blue dining room

Homes with pale gray-blue dining rooms sell at a premium. Photo: Sherwin-Williams.

Zillow’s 2017 Paint Color Analysis examined how paint colors affect a home’s average sales price


Decoding the work habits of Millennials may feel like learning a new language, but for the health of your business, it's imperative

Sign for an open house

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Facing a super-fast housing market, buyers skip open houses and in-person visits in order to get a jump on the competition


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Without a commitment to action, a strategic plan is just a wish list. Follow these steps to go from plan to reality

Homes in a suburb

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Metros with the steepest drop in available homes also have fewer on the market after two months


It’s a difficult area to correctly detail, but also one of the most important


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Ashton Woods launched Starlight Homes to target entry-level home...

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