Hurricane striking the Florida Keys

Hurricane striking the Florida Keys. Photo: Pixabay

Homes are made of precast concrete and elevated on stilts

crowd of people

Photo: Max Pixel

The older generation will be larger than what most people are expecting

Driverless car

Driverless car. Photo: Charly W. Karl/Creative Commons

Land currently used for parking can be repurposed for housing

New home for sale

Photo: paulbr75/Pixabay

The consensus among leading economists is that the next recession is unlikely to be triggered by the housing market

Starter home

Photo: StockSnap/Pixabay

With fewer listings on the market, the share of searches for starter and trade-up homes has increased to 61 percent from 56 percent

Townhomes and such

Photo: Chapay/Pixabay

Seattle, Miami, Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, and Denver are leaders in rising home prices

New two-story house built

Photo: paulbr75/Pixabay

New home sales dipped to an annualized rate of 571,000 units in July, well below the long-term average pace of 727,000

Hurricane approaching South Florida

Hurricane approaching South Florida. Photo: Mariamichelle/Pixabay

More than 500,000 single-family homes and 100,000 rental units have been built in the Miami area since 2000

house sale

Photo: mschiffm/Pixabay

For lower mortgage rates, buyers are seeking assistance from family members and private companies

new house

Photo: jedininja22/Pixabay

Home prices have risen past sustainable levels in places including Denver, Seattle, and Las Vegas

HUrricane Harvey flooding

Flooding in Houston during Hurricane Harvey. Photo: Brant Kelly/Wikimedia Commons

Flooding and storm damage in Texas and Louisiana may cost as much as $100 billion to clean up and repair

New house blue

Photo: travisreed/Pixabay

Owners aren’t financially motivated to sell, builders can’t find skilled workers, and companies are turning available homes into rentals

Hurricane harvey resuce

Texas National Guardsmen perform a rescue in a flood caused by Hurricane Harvey in Houston

Builders say the main issue in Houston’s recovery will be the lack of labor to build and rebuild homes

New homes in San Jose

New homes in San Jose. Photo: Travis Wise/Creative Commons

New jobs have outpaced new homes by a wide margin

money and bills

Photo: Pixabay

Men made a median of $186,403 of equity over five years, compared to $171,313 for women


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