10 of the World’s Greenest Cities

Scandinavia takes the lead, as four of its capitals make the list.

January 30, 2015
Copenhagen makes number 1 of 10 of the World’s Greenest Cities
10 of the World’s Greenest Cities

Susan Sims of All That is Interesting shares the results of the most recent Green Global Economy Index, which highlights the world’s 10 greenest cities.

To make the cut, a city was judged on their leadership on climate change, transportation, green investments, and environmental capital. “Part of the in-depth inspection of 60 countries and 70 cities includes analysis of how these nations and cities are developing more environmentally-friendly economies,” Sims writes.

Here’s a sneak peek, featuring cities that made the list from number 10 to 6. The link at the end of the story leads to the original, where Sims inludes more informtion about each city:

10. Oslo, Norway

Daniel79/Wikimedia Commons

9. Helsinki, Finland

Kati Kosonen/Wikimedia Commons

8. Singapore

Erwin Soo/Wikimedia Commons

7. New York City, United States

Wilerson S. Andrade/Flickr

6. Berlin, Germany

Berlin Skyline/Wikimedia Commons

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