100 Best New Products 2008: Exteriors

Featured in the 100 Best New Products 2008 issue, these exterior products from FiberTech, Atlas Roofing and more are the best of the best.
May 31, 2008

Your homes need to stay a step ahead of cookie-cutter design trends and have to look sharp enough to get potential buyers in the door. But builders need to keep pace with newer energy-efficient products around the building envelope as well. Helping to maintain energy efficiency is

Sto's RediCorner, part of the company's system to treat corners and rough openings.

Redi, Set, Sto!

StoGuard RediCorner by Sto Corp. is new to the company’s line of exterior products. What it is: a preformed fabric piece used in the corners of rough openings, such as windows or doors, for quicker installation. Part of the StoGuard assembly, the RediCorner is used with the company’s Gold Coat or Sto EmeraldCoat to treat sheathing joints; inside and outside corners; and less-than-perfect openings. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-134 

Flame Dancers

You have to admit this looks hot. Designed solely for dramatic effect, Travis Industries' new Tempest Gas Torch is made for outdoor living spaces; front walkway pillars; a mounting on deck posts or stone pillars; and anywhere else homeowners want to add a touch of fire. The ceramic glass housing directs oxygen to help create the spiral-like presentation. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-135

Carrying the Weight of the Roof

Builders looking for the retro-inspired feel of slate on their roofs but not wanting to pay for it should take a gander at Atlas Roofing's StormMaster Slate shingle line. The new product is part of the Platinum Package in the Atlas Signature Select Roofing Program of complete roofing systems. The shingles carry a lifetime limited warranty and have a full swath of designer colors available. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-136

Smart Keys, Safe House

Part of the company's latest security offerings, Kwikset's SmartKey features a proprietary patented side-locking bar that replaces the traditional pin and tumbler designs. SmartKey locks can be easily re-keyed in 30 seconds or less and eliminate many of the hassles and complexities associated with re-keying. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-137

Beautiful Stones

The BellaStone Architectural columns made by Crane feature the texture of quarried stone without the need of a professional stonemason on the installation. The new product line uses Crane's low-maintenance dimensional non-masonry stone technology in a durable column design for landscaping, fencing and porch railings. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-138

No Worries About April Showers

Subterra Stone, the latest addition to the Belgard Environmental series' line of permeable concrete products from Oldcastle Architectural, has technology that enables rainwater to drain, whereas traditional paver products merely allow water to runoff. Subterra uses a 9½ percent void ratio, allowing rainwater to naturally drain through the paver into native soils. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-139

Bring Back the Porch

Available since April, Azek's new porch plank product provides an easy-to-clean surface that resists stains, moisture, scratches and fading. The planks can be used in covered or uncovered areas too because they expan and contract less. The tongue and groove 1—foot by 4-foot planks install easily with traditional woodworking tools and are up to 40 percent lighter than wood composites. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-140

You're a Star, Kid

If you've ever lived in a Ranch-style house made in the '50s, you know attics can turn into ovens in the summer. The EcoVent is a continuous tile-over-ridge vent that sits under the hip and ridge tiles to efficiently remove hot, moist air from the attic of a building. Made by EcoStar, it is manufactured in 20-foot long by 10½-inch wide rolls for more coverage. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-141

My, What A Big Fence You Have

Using a new technology by blending post-consumer cardboard and plastic, FiberTech's TimberWolf wood-plastic composite fencing components include 6-foot dog-eared pickets, posts and backer rails. According to the company, these components enable fences to be built in a variety of styles. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-142

High-Tech Decks

Offered in 12-, 16- and 20-foot lengths, TimberTech's new XLM decking planks are made from an advanced low-maintenance polymer decking material that uses a proprietary blend of mineral enhancements for structural integrity. The grooved planks work with the company's stainless steel hidden fasteners. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-143

Building Green

The new formula used in Timber Products' Green T hardwood plywood panels sets the panels apart from other wood-based panels. These panels are made with three of the company's proprietary core materials: 100 percent post-industrial wood fiber and formaldehyde-free Green T Arreis MDF; the Green T Veneer Core; and Green T Particleboard Core. The panels meet or exceed LEED standards. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-144

Roofing to the MAXX

Cosella Dorken's Delta MAXX Titan brings new technology to the roofing industry. Its roof underlayment is weatherproof and vapor-permeable. The silver titanium surface bounces back and reflects up to half of the suns' sweltering heat. And a woven polyester bottom layer soaks up any moisture that penetrated. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-145

Defend Your Decks

Debuted at the 2008 International Builders' Show, The Trex Accents Fire Defense decking collection from Trex features new flame retardant technology developed for outdoor living spaces that are vulnerable to fires. The planks are self-extinguishing, even under extreme heat and flames. Like the original Trex Accents, the Fire Defense planks are reversible with either a wood grain or a smooth finish. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-146

A Lifeline for Roofs

In addition to new tile profiles, MonierLifetile offers its Energy-Efficient Roofing (EER) System, which consists of a combination of the company's products that increase cross-ventilation, as well as the overall performance and integrity of the roof. These products include the Vented Eave Riser, Elevated Battens, and the company's hip and ridge products. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-147

Stealthy Siding

Designed to match most fiber cement siding products, the PVC Stealth Skirt Board made by Versatex is a multi-purpose frieze board or starter strip designed for all sidings. The 5/4-inch-thick plank features a tapered edge that allows water to run off. The skirt boards come in 5/4 by 6-inch and 5/4 by 8-inch widths in 18-foot lengths. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-148


Chosen for its contractor-friendly design and new lightweight technology, CertainTeed's synthetic slate Symphony Shingles are easy to install. They require no special installation tools and can be fastened by hand nailing or using a pneumatic nail gun. The shingles have excellent weathering qualities; withstand foot traffic and cold temperatures; and resist curling and buckling. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-149

Beneath the Juniper Trees

The Juniper collection is a unique organic cedar composite decking material made from heartwood cedar fibers that stem from Juniper Mexicana or Texas Cedar. Made by A.E.R.T., the new product line has a deep wood grain and uses 90 percent pre- and post-consumer recycled content. According to the company, it is extremely moisture-resistant. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-150

Take Shelter

With no custom designs or one-off fabrications needed, Feeney Architectural's new Lightline canopy line provides over-door protection for entry, patio and side doors where space is a concern. The canopies, popular in Europe, have stainless steel support arms, integrated aluminum gutters and UV-resistant acrylic visor panels in clear or frosted finishes. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-151

Rough But Cool

Recreated from natural stones, Eldorado Stone's RoughCut mimics limestone with embedded artifacts and other natural-looking elements for a great amount of variation. The stones range in size from 11/2 inches to 11 inches high and from 2 inches to 18 inches long. Colors range from golden to earthen-browns. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-152

Nailed It

The latest siding panel from Nailite is the Cedar Pride EZ, which features a striking bold grain pattern and deep textures. Made from molded polypropylene, the 9- to 9-½-inch shingle exposures look like staggered split shake and come in 17 colors and three premium shades. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-153


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