100 Best New Products 2008: Mechanical & Electrical

It doesn't get any better than these new mechanical and electrical products from Lennox, 360 Electrical and more.
May 31, 2008

Homeowners want control of their home and are getting it thanks to home automation. The ERV, made by Panasonic and shown here, has several models for automation applications; there are more powerful units for whole-house operation, too. The demand for home control solutions such as smart HVAC systems and remote home monitoring has already reached a similar level in Europe as in the United States — thanks in part to rapid market growth fueled by the popularity of home networks.

We're a Fan

New fan controls from Fantech up the ante in ventilation. The Ventech Controls consist of one main control and up to four auxiliary controls. A special 20-minute high-speed boost cycle helps meet immediate needs and the Infinite Speed Control adjusts speeds during normal operation. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-177 

Plugged In

Representing a new product line and an advance in home wiring, the 360 Electrical Duplex Outlet from 360 Electrical allows large plugs to connect easily with the rotating top and bottom sockets. The outlets stay powered during rotation. The units fit standard wall boxes. Snap-on wallplate included. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-178 

Upgrade Your Protection

Eaton's Fire-Guard combination-type AFCI is now listed in the National Electrical Code and part of a new product line. The Fire-Guard combines the parallel arc detection (line-ground and line-neutral) of the existing branch type AFCI with low-level series arc detection in connected cords. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-179 

Mix Like a Pro

Sporting a host of innovations and improvements, the four new modular proPanel mixing units from Uponor come fully assembled and wired with Cat-5 or RJ45 connectors, allowing them to meet the needs of any radiant application. The units make connecting multiple panels to a single hydronic controller a simple plug-and-play operation. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-180 

A Shout Out for the WhisperComfort

New technology for your home HVAC concerns is provided by Panasonic's WhisperComfort Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV). The ERV has several models for spot applications and more powerful units are made for whole-house operation. The fan features a frost prevention mode that cycles between exchange air and exhaust only air to prevent core freezing. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-181 

A Different Kind of Hybrid

The Hybrid Electronic Air Cleaner by Johnson Controls' York division uses a specialized electrical field to ionize particles and a trapping system to clean 97.8 percent of particles that measure 3 to 10 microns; 95.7 percent of particles measuring 1 to 3 microns; and 92 percent of those measuring 0.3 to 1 micron. This advance in technology means the unit permanently traps and kills airborne and settled bacteria and spores. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-182 

Generating Success

Standby generators are all the rage in power management, and adding to the competition comes Generac's 20 kW air-cooled residential power generator. The unit can handle all circuits when equipped with the company's Power Manager LTS panel, including central air and other sensitive electronics. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-183 

Dual Fuel Rules

Featuring the company's SilentComfort technology for quiet, consistent heating, Lennox's G71P Variable-Capacity Gas Furnace can be combined with an electric heat pump for fuel efficiency by alternating between electric and gas heat. The unit's Duralok Plus Heat Exchanger is made of ArmorTuf steel for durability. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-184


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