100 Best New Products 2008: Millwork & Molding

Part of 2008's 100 Best New Products, here are millwork & molding products from CertainTeed, Visador and more.
May 31, 2008

The easy-to-install and maintain PVC millwork and molding pieces have been a boon to home builders and remodelers alike. "Our business has always been mostly about new construction, but now we're finding more and more customers who are calling us looking for ways to upgrade and modernize the homes they live in now. ... We've started to shift focus a little," says Suzanne Klemp of MillTech. Consider updating a tired stair design with these Lite-Iron balusters by Coffman Stairs, which have a hollow core to keep the weight down.

Tough as Iron, Light as a Feather

An improvement to Coffman Stairs' Forged Iron Collection, the new Lite-Iron series offers bolder and lighter balusters. With a hollow core that reduces weight while maintaining strength, the series is available in standard ½-inch or ¾-inch sizes for a bolder look. The line includes a full range of finishes, styles and accessories. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-185 

Classic Appeal

Designed for quick and simple installation for both interior and exterior applications, the new product line called the Arts & Crafts Collection from Crown Column & Millwork by Visador instantly bring ageless appeal to surrounding spaces. The collection comes in multiple dimensions and lengths in both cPVC and most wood species. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-186 

Trimming Down

One of the biggest players in the PVC trim game is KOMA Trim Products. One of their latest additions is the Allure Collection of extruded moldings. Each profile is produced with the same Celuka technology as the company's trim boards. The collection has nine standard moldings and four specialized versions. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-187 

Parkland Performance

Designed to make way for minor variations in top-to-bottom heights on wainscot jobs, the new PolyMAX Wainscot system and plank product from Parkland Performance Walls & Ceilings is a waterproof PVC product. The system consists of reversible 6-inch planks featuring two different patterns, base molding with a built-in moisture seal and chair railing. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-188 

Certainly Millwork

CertainTeed's Restoration Millwork line has a significant improvement in six new profiles, 12-foot length trimboards and 1½-inch sheets and trimboards. Available in the company's smooth or TrueTexture finishes, the new 12-foot trimboard now comes in eight sizes for easier handling and transportation. All of the products cut, shape, rout and mill with ordinary woodworking tools and fasten with nails or screws. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-189