100 Best New Products 2008: Paints, Caulks & Sealants

Here are the paints, caulks and sealants featured in the 2008 100 Best New Products issue.
May 31, 2008

If you're not using zero-VOC paint or other eco-friendly alternatives, you're missing out on capturing a large chunk of the population who need (rather than just want) non-toxic formulas on their walls. The Freshaire Choice Paint, made by ICI Paints, is just one of the many new formulas out there. After all, homes with small children and people with allergies or asthma are particularly vulnerable to off-gassing from older paints.

Green Paint Comes in Red, Too

ICI Paints' Freshaire Choice Paint increases the competition when it comes to green. The formula is zero-VOC — and free of that terrible new-paint smell — and comes in 65 colors and three different sheens for interior, ceiling and primer applications. The can itself is recyclable, and even the label sports greenness: it's made from 75 percent recycled fiber and is printed with soy ink. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-190 

Seal In the Flavor

Henkel Corporation introduces the Polyseamseal EST Speed Seal, a 100-percent silicone kitchen and bath sealant. The new features include an enhanced ultra-fast-dry system ideal when using bathrooms and kitchens as soon as possible is essential. It'll leave your customers singing in the shower in just two hours after application. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-191 

Resilient Resistance

Formulated with Sherwin-William's MoistureGuard, the new Resilience product line resists moisture while curing in about half the time of most conventional exterior paints. The Resilience can be used on masonry, concrete, steel stucco, vinyl and wood. The company also has 250 new shades organized into 10 color families. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-192


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