100 Best New Products 2008: Structural, Insulation & Housewrap

Build better with the best structural, insulation & housewrap products. Featuring Simpson Strong Tie, Demilec and more.
May 31, 2008

Like the latest structural, insulation and housewrap products to hit the market, Simpson Strong-Tie's THJU U-shaped hip/jack hanger, shown here, focuses on structural integrity and offers new and more efficient ways to approach the stick building method. The unique configuration of the THJU hanger allows it to handle both right- and left- hand hips.

Too Hip to Be Square

Simpson Strong-Tie's THJU U-shaped hip/jack hanger is the latest structural and connecting product from the company. You get great design flexibility because it works for right- and left-hand hips. Order it to fit a range of hip skews (up to 65 degrees) as well as various single and 2-ply hip/jack combinations. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-193 

The Skinny

A new addition to Dow's Styrofoam line, the Structural Insulated Sheathing Plus sheathing panels combine structural, insulation and weather barrier properties in one product. The structural sheathing material is attached to a polyisocyanurate foam insulation that is covered by resilient exterior skin that reduces heat and energy loss. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-194 

A Solid Start

Made from fast-growing northern hardwoods and certified by the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, LP Building Products' SolidStart LSL is a new wood product line made from compressed thin wood strands protected with both end- and edge-seals. The product offers a dimensional strength of 1.75E and, according to LP, outperforms dimensional lumber. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-195 

A Quiet Solution

Using both Georgia-Pacific's DensArmor Plus with its own QuietRock soundproof drywall, Quiet Solution's new QuietRock DensArmor Plus 528 combines the top moisture, fire and mold resistance with excellent sound abatement properties. The product is 5/8-inch thick and hangs, installs and finishes like regular drywall. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-196 

All Wrapped Up

Georgia-Pacific's Nautilus is a new OSB wall sheathing product line. The wall sheathing panels feature a pre-applied weather-resistive barrier and tape-up using the Nautilus 3-inch-wide seam tape. The installation process is faster, according to Georgia-Pacific, thanks to the visible nailing guidelines and the elimination of a two-step sheathing/building wrap installation. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-197 

Riders on the Storm

Made specifically for high-wind areas where impact resistance is a key design element, Typar's StormWrap has a significant advancement in its fiber-reinforced wrap. The extra fibrous materials provide extra protection against wind-borne projectiles, meet the standards of the Florida Building Code and ensure structural integrity. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-198 

Only the Strong Survive

A new advance in roughing in HVAC work is featured in Georgia-Pacific's XJ85 wood I-joists. The pre-cut openings are cavernously huge, are closer together and go all the way to the end of the beam. Although lightweight, the XJ85 joists provide great structural strength and can accommodate most building techniques. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-199 

Spray Your Cares Away

Spray-applied Sealection Agribalance by Demilec USA increases the alternative-based spray insulation competition. It goes on as a liquid, then expands up to 120 times its size to stuff every nook and cranny; stop air infiltration; and act as a noise barrier. It has a non-toxic spray foam formula, which, says Demilec, meets the intent of all building code requirements. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-300 

Vapor Foiled

The multipurpose Flash & Foil by Fi-Foil represents a technological step forward as it combines the company's VR Plus Shield reflective insulation with spray foam insulation. According to Fi-Foil, the combination of foam and reflective air space effectively addresses all the modes of heat transfer. Flash & Foil can also function as a vapor retarder by specifying the standard or non-perforated version of VR Plus Shield. For FREE information, visit http://pb.ims.ca/5650-301


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