2018 Top 100 Products: Software + Technology

Products from Brinno, Calculated Industries, Eaton, Nest, and SoftPlan

By Professional Builder Staff | July 30, 2018
2018 Top 100 Products_Nest_Cam_IQ_Front_Ring_Glow
The Nest Cam IQ is one of the smart home technologies that builders are curious about. (Photo: courtesy Nest)

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Peephole Camera / Brinno 

Brinno’s SHC 500 PeepHole Camera looks like an inconspicuous peephole on a door’s exterior but is really an optical-grade lens that connects to a camera unit on the interior of the door with a 2.7-inch LCD screen display. A recommended micro SD card with 32 GB of memory stores a digital log of images and video clips. The security camera is is powered by four AA batteries that last up to 3,000 activations or six months, the company says. 




Construction Calculators / Calculated Industries

The Construction Master line from Calculated Industries features at least a dozen calculators and apps, such as the Construction Master Pro and Construction Master 5, which easily perform construction math and dimensional unit conversions, as well as doing calculations for stairs, concrete volume, roof framing, and more. Users can enter and calculate values in decimals, metric, inches, feet, or yards, and can display calculated values in Spanish. 





Home Automation / Eaton 

The Home Automation Hub from Eaton allows homeowners and installers to simplify the home automation experience by integrating a variety of home devices such as Nest thermostats, Amazon Echo, and Kwikset locks into a single app. The Hub even lets homeowners access their smart home when the internet connection to the cloud is down. Ad hoc Wi-Fi capability allows contractors to install the controller and Z-Wave–based products in a house under construction when internet is unavailable. 



Pro Support / Nest

Nest Pros receive professional pricing for Nest products such as its thermostats, HD security video cameras, smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, video doorbells, keyless door locks, alarm systems, and temperature sensors. Other support for contractors that sell and install Nest devices includes exclusive training, live VIP support, and referrals to help their businesses grow.



Design Software / SoftPlan

Since its 1985 debut, SoftPlan’s design software has gone through 17 releases, each time taking advantage of the latest computer technology advancements to provide faster drawing times and better 3-D rendering capabilities. The software’s BIM (building information modeling) capabilities automatically generate elevations, cross sections, materials lists, cost estimate reports, and 3-D renderings. The roof design tool also enables users to automatically design and edit in a variety of roof styles. SoftPlan Remodel is the newest addition, bringing SoftPlan functionality to smaller projects such as kitchens, baths, and additions.


2018 Top 100 Products_SoftPlan 3D design software



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