3 Maps That Show How Markets Have Recovered Since The Recession

March 6, 2017

Even after 93 consecutive months of growth, and around 200,000 jobs added each month, the U.S. economy isn’t fully back to pre-recession levels yet.

The Brookings Institution created three maps that show which local economies are faring the best and worst since 2010. The first highlights which markets have seen the strongest and weakest growth. Texas, Florida, Utah, and the Bay Area have shown the most growth, while the Northeast and Mississippi have experienced the least.

The second map tracks prosperity, based on productivity and average incomes. Texas, the Bay Area, and the Midwest are strong, while Florida is weak. The third map displays inclusion rankings, with California and Florida on top.

These three maps help illustrate the mixed picture that captures the country’s economic mood today. Just 14 of the 100 largest metro areas managed above-average performance in all three areas.

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