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Sourcing quality windows and doors for the homes you build is only part of running a thriving new construction business. It’s also important to choose a window company that can act as a true partner and help drive more value for your business, from planning to offering support at every step.

As a nationwide supplier of high-quality windows and doors, MITER Brands™ knows the importance of building great relationships. Anthony Matter, Vice President of Marketing at MITER Brands, discusses what it means to run a company that puts people first, and how that can translate to tangible benefits for your business.

1. Working With Integrity

It’s easier to make better business decisions when you know that your window company has your best interests in mind. “It’s important that our teams work with integrity and do what they say they’re going to do, when they say they’re going to do it,” Matter says.

Knowing that the windows and doors you need will arrive when you need them means you can plan installation dates with confidence. He continues, "Long-term business relationships are about being dependable and helping your teams plan efficiently. That’s the most important thing we can do to create mutual success for our customers and our business.”


2. Local Expertise

Suppliers with local teams and decision-making authority are able to listen closely to the insights that builders and installers provide from the field, then apply that feedback to improve their products and services. Matter notes that MITER Brands also has the benefit of deep regional expertise in their product brands, MI and Milgard, which serve the Eastern and Western United States respectively. “Our regionally focused product lines and decades of experience working in these specific areas allow us to confidently help customers across the country.”


3. Investing In Quality And Capacity

MITER Brands also makes continual investments in their production capacity and operational efficiency to meet demand. “We have tens of millions of dollars going into new equipment in our facilities,” says Matter, which ensures they can fill orders on-time and complete. But it’s not just about equipment. Adequate staffing and building a positive company culture is what really helps keep quality levels high. “Machines don’t build great businesses, people do,” Matter continues. “It’s important for us to give teams the room to find ways to innovate and improve our processes. We do that by investing in equipment that makes the physical job of making the windows easier, so our team can focus on making a better business for themselves and our customers.”

Mutually Beneficial Relationships

Finding a partner that puts their customers and their team members first in every decision can lead to better outcomes for your business. That’s why the investments that a people-first window and door company like MITER Brands makes in their culture are so important. Those investments help ensure customers receive all the products they need, when and where they need them, and helps them build mutually beneficial relationships where everyone wins.

MITER Brands is a family of leading window and door brands united by their passion for quality and relentless pursuit of 100%. Founded in 1947 as Metal Industries, they bring together a team of the most passionate and dedicated window experts in the industry to deliver value by manufacturing the finest products, services and customer experiences every day, everywhere. Learn more at

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