4 Ways Construction Companies Can Successfully Social Distance

June 25, 2020
Construction employees wearing masks, one gives a thumbs up
By saravut

Construction companies and their employees have been put in a difficult position: needing to practice social distancing but also knowing that it cannot be honored constantly per the job’s requirements. Not only are some companies prepping for the return of their employees, but also adjusting completion plans for any pre-pandemic projects. Construction Dive has gathered four strategies that construction companies can implement to ease employees into their new social distanced workplace, helping to balance the weight of multiple stressors as companies return to full operations. 

As many construction companies enter the post-COVID-19 environment, they have a challenging job ahead — to ensure their workers abide by social distancing guidelines and still remain productive.  

Even if they give their best efforts, though, contractors should realize that they likely will not be able to keep workers at a safe distance from each other at all times.  

“At the end of the day,” said Greg Skalaski, executive vice president for Shawmut Design and Construction’s West division, “you cannot fully social distance. However, what you can do is plan and understand how best to address that.”

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