5 Apps for Builders That Save Time, Money, and Effort

These apps save builders and their crews precious time and effort, enabling them to work smarter, not harder, and save some money in the process

By Nigel F. Maynard, Editor-in-Chief, Products | February 3, 2020
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Material Delivery

Developed by a builder, RenoRun allows contractors to use an app to source and deliver building supplies and materials in less than 2 hours directly to the jobsite. Ideal for renovations or new construction, the system offers two levels: flat-fee delivery or a monthly pro plan that provides unlimited, free, same-day deliveries plus 50% off scheduled and express 2-hour deliveries. Available for iPhone and Android devices. 


Reno Run app for getting building materials to the jobsite



Site Walkthroughs

Using the Punch List & Site Audit app for Apple devices, users can do a final site audit using the app’s simple interface, then generate PDF files that can be emailed from the construction site. Punch List, the developer Rojao says, helps builders improve their productivity by making site audits and punch-list inspections quicker and easier to carry out and manage. Ideal for audits, walkthroughs, safety inspections, insurance claims, site walks, and checklists, the app is free in the Apple store. 


punch list app for builders




LEED Documentation

Green Badger LEED-compliance documentation software can be used by project teams of all experience levels. Designed as a cloud-based technology with project-specific training, LEED tips and tricks, and ongoing project team support, the cross-platform solution connects team members so everyone has access to real-time updates and can document from the field and automate repetitive, time-consuming tasks. Available for iPhone and Android devices. 


LEED-compliance documentation app




Field Calculations

All-In-One Calculator is a free Android app that helps contractors and subs carry out construction-related calculations, such as unit conversions, percentages, volumes, areas, and proportions. Featuring more than 70 calculators and unit converters in several categories, the app supports temperature, length, weight, area, volume, and many other measurement units. Available for iPhone and Android devices. 


calculator app for home builders




Affordable Gas

As simple as it sounds, vehicle gas prices matter to a home builder’s bottom line, so the GasBuddy app helps builders find the cheapest gas station nearby. Users regularly add information on stations, prices, and distance. The developer has partnered with a handful of retailers, such as The Home Depot and Domino’s Pizza, on a GasBack program so builders earn free money  from purchases at those retailers. The discount  is automatically applied at the pump. The app is available in the Apple store or Google Play. 


app for finding affordable gas


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